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Mandatory Vaccine Agenda is Step-by-Step Repealing Religious & Philosophical Exemptions

The Mandatory Vaccine Agenda is a worldwide plan which has been picking up steam lately. Unfortunately for the causes of individual rights, medical autonomy and sovereignty, natural health and freedom in general, many countries and US states have been accelerating the push to force all children to be vaccinated. Last week sometime around August 27th 2019, Hawaii enacted a law (HAR 11-157) for mandatory vaccination of children attending school (all school, including pre-school, kindergarten, primary, secondary and tertiary [college/university]). On June 13th 2019, New York quickly pushed through a bill (A 2371) in one day to repeal religious exemptions to vaccination. On June 30th 2015, California passed a law (SB 277) forbidding religious and philosophical exemptions and mandating vaccines for any children in daycare, preschool and K-12 schools (which went into effect on July 1st 2016). Clearly, all kinds of exemptions – medical exemptions, religious exemptions and philosophical exemptions – are on the chopping block, no matter where you live. This mandatory vaccine agenda is a worldwide issue. The nets are closing in. It’s time to inform yourself, take a stand and then do what you can to stand up for freedom – unless you want your loved ones to be forcibly injected with a Big Pharma cocktail of proven toxins and carcinogens.  Read more.....



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