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Many Dallas-Fort Worth area faults have the potential to host earthquakes, new study finds

A study led by The University of Texas at Austin has found that the majority of faults underlying the Fort Worth Basin are as sensitive to changes in stress that could cause them to slip as those that have generated earthquakes in recent years.  Researchers with UT's Bureau of Economic Geology, Stanford University and Southern Methodist University have created a comprehensive map of more than 250 faults totaling more than 1,800 miles in combined length, some of which extend under highly populated areas in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The study, published July 23 in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, found that the faults are relatively stable if left undisturbed, but that wastewater injection, a practice common during oil and gas operations, significantly increases the potential of the faults to slip if not managed properly.  Read more....



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