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Many Sunscreens Are Toxic and Only Half as Effective as Claimed

Many sunscreens are far less effective than claimed on the label and 24 of the 73 products evaluated offered less than half of the protection promised by their stated SPF.  SPF applies to UVB rays only, and not UVA, which are actually responsible for most of the UV damage. To protect against UVA, you need to look for a broad-spectrum product that specifies protecting against UVA.  Ninety-six percent of the U.S. population has oxybenzone in their bodies — a known endocrine disruptor linked to reduced sperm count in men and endometriosis in women. The main source is sunscreens.  Researchers also warn that some sunscreen ingredients are neurotoxic, posing a hazard to brain health and development.  Read more...



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