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MEDICAL ALERT: Vaccine “excipient” summary exposes mercury, human abortion serum, and monkey kidney cells are STILL used in childhood vaccines, while CDC lies to America

The CDC claims that mercury was removed from all childhood vaccines 20 years ago, but thimerosal is 50 percent mercury by weight, on average, and it’s listed on nearly every influenza vaccine (flu shot) and also the DTaP, so, you were saying? They also claim it’s “safe when used as a preservative” in vaccines, but no amount of mercury is safe in the human body, in fact, mercury is the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth.  It gets worse. We’re all basically involuntarily and unknowingly cannibals thanks to the insidious vaccine industry, since they use mutated cells from human abortions to brew these destructive concoctions, like MMR and rabies jabs.  Read more....



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