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MEDICAL THEATER: Coronavirus test kits rushed into production are FAILING to identify 50 – 70 percent of infected carriers

The president of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has just blown the whistle on a wave of new, rushed coronavirus test kits that have been thrust into use across Asian, confirming they are only 30 to 50 percent accurate, reports This means the test kits have a 50 – 70 percent false negative rate, missing infections by inaccurately reporting the samples as negative. Adding to the problems with the new test kits, Li Yan, head of the diagnostic center at the People’s Hospital of Wuhan University, also explained that the multi-step process in preparing samples and testing them is prone to human error, causing further mistakes. “A patient at Beijing’s China-Japan Friendship Hospital tested negative three times but was eventually confirmed to have the coronavirus infection after a fluid sample was taken from inside the lungs,” reports the SCMP. And we’re getting confirmed reports from many other sources that report people who initially tested negative but were later confirmed as positive for the coronavirus.  Read more....



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