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Mercury injection “season” is here, and it’s not even safe in your mouth, so imagine the DAMAGE that’s being done to 100 million Americans

You see the signs everywhere now – “Get your Free Flu Shot” or “Flu Shot Season is Here,” and even “Be a Flu Fighter,” and then of course there’s “Keep Calm and Get Your Flu Shot.” If you work at a hospital, and you don’t want to risk getting mercury injections, you risk your job. The flu jab is a “must” and you will feel the pressure from the crazy “vaxxers,” that mob of sheeple who have been brainwashed to believe it works and that it’s “better safe than sorry.” They couldn’t be more wrong. Mercury just happens to be the most toxic non-radioactive element on earth, and it’s used as a preservative, in the majority of flu shots. You see, most flu shot needles are jabbed into the same vial, which exposes the influenza virus strains to bacteria, and mercury is a cheap way to stave off contamination, but then there’s the problem with your brain and central nervous system. Plus, several influenza shots also contain aluminum. What’s the big deal with that, you ask?  Read more.....



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