Girl Planting seeds

Mexican Scientist Warns: If Bumblebees Go Extinct, Say Goodbye to Chilis and Tomatoes

While the role played by honeybees and wild bees as important pollinators is well known, the bumblebee also plays a crucial role in maintaining the health and viability of crops such as chili peppers and tomatoes.  And now, researchers at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) are sounding the alarm that bumblebees are also at risk of extinction—and their disappearance could also mean the disappearance of vegetables that form a crucial staple in the country’s diet.  Adriana Correa, the head of UNAM’s Department of Medicine and Zootechnics of Bees, Rabbits and Aquatic Organisms, notes that while many people are afraid of the big, fuzzy and loud insects, bumblebees are crucial for the preservation of a range of plant species.  Read more.....



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