Girl Planting seeds

Mexico: Bringing sustainable development goals to life

As a renewable energy company, sustainability is central to EGP’s business. Through their Sustainable Worksite that aims to measure, mitigate, and offset the impact of construction on the environment and local communities, EGP is aligning itself with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. EGP’s Villanueva solar plant in Coahuila State, Mexico, is just one example of this model. Before construction began, EGP assessed the plant’s impact on the area’s biodiversity, and set aside nearly 1,500 acres of land (600 hectares) for the relocation of flora and fauna. This involved moving more than 147,000 specimens of flora, notably various types of cacti, as well as more than 25,000 fauna, including frogs, snakes, and lizards, all in keeping with the Sustainable Development Goals for protecting and conserving the environment.   Read more....



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