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Mobile-phone microscope detects the 'silent killer' of honey bees

Bees are among the most important species responsible for pollinating about one-third of the world's food supply, with their contribution in the United States alone valued at $15-20 billion each year. Rapid declines in honey bee colonies globally, and in the United States specifically, have put increased strain on agricultural pollination and the future of food security. Parasites form one of the factors affecting bee population declines, with Nosema ceranea and Nosema apis being some of the most common. Nosema apis infection can have the symptoms of dysentery and defecation of honey bees at the entrance of the hive, but Nosema ceranae infection does not show any physical symptoms. This 'silent killer' of honey bees infects worker bees, drones and queen bees, and may even result in colony collapse.  Read more...



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