Girl Planting seeds

Monsanto’s weedkiller BOMBSHELL: It murders honey bees, too, contributing to global collapse of the food supply

Monsanto likes to promote the idea that GMOs can solve world hunger. At first, many wanted to believe that they could indeed provide an answer to this devastating problem, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that they’re actually having the opposite effect. In fact, Monsanto’s popular weed killer glyphosate, which is regularly used on genetically modified crops, is putting honeybees in danger, and a newly released study provides some of the strongest evidence yet that the biotech firm is contributing to the collapse of our global food supply rather than saving it.  Past studies have already demonstrated how pesticides like neonicotinoids harm bees. Monsanto’s glyphosate, which only targets enzymes in bacteria and plants, must be a safer choice for bees, right? Not so fast.  Read more...



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