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More Chinese now under LOCKDOWN than the entire population of the United States, 400 million people in over 60 cities

Most people are probably aware of the fact that communist China is home to far more people than the United States. But did you also know that there are now more people under mandatory lockdown in China due to novel coronavirus than there are people currently living in America, period? According to reports, the recent expansion of the coronavirus quarantine to Guangzhou has brought the total number of Chinese people living under communist martial law to about 400 million. The current U.S. population, on the other hand, is just under 330 million. As for the current infection rate, the numbers are all over the map. If you believe the official numbers, there are now more than 45,000 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus, with more than 1,100 deaths. If you believe the “conspiracy” numbers, it could be more like 154,000 infected and 25,000 dead.  Read more....



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