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Moronic Contradiction: How can we all switch to solar power if Bill Gates blocks the sun with pollution?

We are all supposed to believe that somehow we can replace every fuel-burning machine in America in 10 years, including every factory, machine plant, automobile, farm tractor, and tractor trailer truck, with solar-powered and wind-powered alternatives. We do this or we all burn alive two years later. That’s the soap box speech dominating the leading Democrats’ tour of every staged and soldout “town hall” meeting preparing for the 2020 Presidential race.  Yet, as absurd as that all sounds, the entire plan is plain-as-day CONTRADICTED by their own other plan to stop global warming (now renamed climate change) in its tracks – called ScoPEx – or Bill Gates’ stratosphere corporate pollution extreme scheme to block out the sun with “particulate matter.” So, then Bill, please inform all us stupid humans how solar-powered anything will run all the machines? That’s what we thought. It won’t. It’s just another moronic contradiction they either didn’t think about themselves or figure nobody else will.  Read more....



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