Girl Planting seeds

‘Murder hornets’: race to protect North America's honeybees from giant invader

The Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia, is built to dominate an ecosystem: its massive orange head is equipped with sharp jaws to slice through prey. When its wings flap, they sound more like a hummingbird than a wasp. Genetic analysis of captured hornets suggests at least one came from South Korea, another from Japan. Until August 2019, no specimen had ever been spotted in Canada. And nearly a year later, no one is quite sure how they made the journey across the Pacific. Most freight shipped across the Pacific is fumigated with carbon dioxide upon arrival to kill insects. But some cargo, such as automobiles, could provide refuge, says Van Westendorp. Others believe the hornets arrive as stowaways in oil tankers or in shipments of flower pots. Read more...



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