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Mushrooms Used for Bioremediation To Clean Pesticides From Oregon Waterways

Most environmentalists are trying to reduce carbon emission and plant more trees to create a positive impact on Earth and its climate. However, there is another way to deal with this problem – that is by cleaning up pollutants and, in a way, reversing the effects of pollution. That is what Ocean Blue Project, a non-profit restoration group tried to do back in 2014. Their weapon – mushrooms. Yes, they used mushrooms to clean harmful pollutants like pesticides from Oregon and other national waterways.  The project started in the first quarter of 2014 along the Sequoia Creek banks. It is a tributary of the Willamette River. For the project, recycled burlap bags were used, full of straw, yellow oyster mushroom spawn, and used coffee grounds. This potpourri acted as an effective filter.  Read more.....



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