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National Trash: Reducing Waste Produced in U.S. National Parks

When you think of national parks, you might picture the vast plateaus of the Grand Canyon, the intricate wetlands of the Everglades or the inspiring viewscapes of the Grand Tetons. You probably don’t envision 100 million pounds of mashed water bottles, barbecue-smudged paper plates and crumpled coffee cups – but that is the staggering quantity of garbage that is generated in our National Parks each year. And handling that amount of waste is becoming a huge problem.  The quantity of waste produced and how park visitors dispose of it (recycling some materials) is a growing concern for park managers. Handling park waste costs money, involves significant effort and requires human and natural resources that tax parks to the extreme. And with numbers of visitors increasing, managers are looking for strategies to increase diversion of recyclable materials from landfills and reduce the overall amount of waste produced in national parks.  Read more....



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