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Nature’s “A Primer in Autism” Ignores Pain and Illness of Individuals With Autism. Katie Wright Sounds Off!

Guest Commentary by Katie Wright - I just read an atrocity labelled “A Primer in Autism.” It is anything but. It is agenda driven, sloppy, autism-research rubbish masquerading as science. It is astounding that a journal as prestigious as “Nature” would feature such inferior work. The authors of this piece seriously contend that there has been NO actual increase in autism over the past 30 years. These are extraordinarily conservative autism researchers who do not live in reality and are tightly wedded to the archaic idea that autism is a static genetic brain disorder and that the explosion we have seen over the past 30 yrs is merely a result of greater awareness and better diagnosing. I know. It insults anyone’s intelligence to even entertain such nonsense. Read more...


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