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New Adjuvants in the Pipeline = More Profits, Questionable Safety

In December 2019, top-tier members of the global vaccine establishment met at the World Health Organization (WHO) for a now-infamous Global Vaccine Safety Summit. The WHO—the same entity that allows testing of experimental vaccines on children without informed consent—is scrambling to come up with messaging that will convince the public and health professionals to set aside their growing concerns about vaccine safety.  Many people are particularly worried about the safety of vaccine adjuvants—formulations added to vaccines to increase their potency and efficacy. At the December summit, the Coordinator of WHO’s Initiative for Vaccine Research candidly conceded that these concerns are justified, acknowledging adjuvants’ association with systemic adverse events and stating that vaccines without adjuvants are preferable to vaccines with adjuvants. “We do not add adjuvants to vaccines because we want to do so,” this industry insider commented, but because some vaccines will not “work” without them. His conclusion? “If you can avoid using an adjuvant, please do so.”  Read more....



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