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New Pathogens in Beef and Cow’s Milk Products: More Research Required

In February 2019, the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ) presented findings on new infection pathogens that go by the name of “Bovine Milk and Meat Factors” (BMMF). According to these findings, the previously unknown pathogen can cause inflammations. According to the DKFZ, they have been detected up to now in cow’s milk, cow’s milk products and the blood serum of healthy cattle. From the scientific findings made up to now, it seems possible that an indirect connection could be interpreted between the consumption of various foods originating from cattle and the occurrence of several cancer types in humans. The DKFZ is assuming that infants whose immune system has not yet fully matured become infected with BMMF during their first year of life through supplementary feeding with cow’s milk. They therefore conclude that infants should not be given cow’s milk too early.  Read more....



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