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How advertising can repurpose itself to serve cities in more sustainable ways

Noisy, ugly and dirty. Advertising has polluted cities, annoyed consumers, and jeopardised its own existence. Beyond a mass-media cacophony, brand communications' significant carbon footprint and runaway consumption are certainly contributing to what economists call market failure.


Black plastic can't be recycled – but we've just found a way to use the carbon in renewable energy

The big problem with plastics is that though they last for a very long time, most are thrown away after only one use. Since plastics were invented in the 1950s, about 8,300m metric tonnes (Mt) have been made, but over half (4,900 Mt) is already in landfill or has been lost to the environment.


San Diego's 'Lorax Tree' falls: 100-year-old cypress said to have inspired Dr Seuss's famous children's story about environmental destruction has toppled

A century-old cypress tree said to have been the inspiration behind Dr Seuss’ famous story, The Lorax, has inexplicably fallen, local officials say.


Toxic reality of trendy 'harmless' e-cigarettes

Supposedly '95 per cent safer than smoking', promoted as a shortcut to quitting and offered in an array of flavours (bubblegum or cola, anyone?), it's no surprise vaping — smoking e-cigarettes — is now a popular alternative to lighting up.


The danger of shampoo, nail polish and cologne: Personal care products send a child to the ER every 2 hours

Every two hours, seemingly harmless products like cologne, nail polish and remover, lotion, shampoo and makeup send a child to the hospital, a new report found.


This Container Makes 2000 Liters Of Water A Day Out Of Air

In a veritable twist on Jesus turning water into wine, here we have a device that turns air into water. Now, not only is that sheer genius, it is also useful considering sustainable development. After creating a shipping container that would convert air into water


You Can Now Live Off The Grid In A Earthship Made From Trash

Self-sufficient homes are homes that can generate their own power, recycle their sewage and water, and even have space to grow food. Seems like quite the idealistic dream, doesn’t it?


What Does The Dust In Your Home Mean For Your Health?

You vacuum it, sweep it and wipe it off your furniture. But do you know what it actually is – and how it may affect your health? Don’t feel bad if you’re clueless about your dust.


What will it take for green energy to overtake fossil fuels as our main source of power?

Japanese researchers from three prestigious academic institutions took a hard look at the kind of technology needed by the hydrogen-based green energy industry to successfully compete with the fossil fuel energy industry.


Industrial Agriculture Practices Contribute to the Insect Apocalypse

As the New York Times wrote in November 2018, “The Insect Apocalypse is Here.” But can we reverse it? Pollinator Week this year is overshadowed by a greater, all-encompassing crisis that spans the entire insect world. Scientists and researchers have identified three broad contributors to the crisis: pesticide use, habitat destruction, and climate change.

Results: 6500 Articles found.
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