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Whopping 18 inches of hail accumulates in parts of Michigan

After record-breaking hailstones fell from the skies over Colorado earlier this week, a powerful thunderstorm unleashed significant amounts of hail in Michigan on Wednesday.


Bees threatened by indiscriminate use of pesticides

With an estimated 75 per cent of human food dependent on the action of pollinating insects, bees are vital for global food production. But their very existence is under threat as they face chronic decline around the world.


Gentle giraffes threatened with 'silent extinction'

For most of his life as a Samburu warrior, Lesaiton Lengoloni thought nothing of hunting giraffes, the graceful giants so common a feature of the Kenyan plains where he roamed.


Shift to renewable electricity a win-win at statewide level

Amid rollbacks of the Clean Power Plan and other environmental regulations at the federal level, several U.S. states, cities, and towns have resolved to take matters into their own hands and implement policies to promote renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The First & Only No-Kill State For Shelter Animals In The US Has Been Declared

Sound the alarm! Happy news to share with you all today… Amid all of the perceived chaos that is taking over our screens and mainstream media, it’s always important to touch base on the good news that occurs. This week, Delaware has become the first official no-kill state for shelter animals


“Frankenstein” genetic experiments on humans will see massive “organ factory” farms of animals growing human organs to enrich the transplant industry

Animal-human hybrids are closer to becoming reality than you might think as researchers in Tokyo have been given permission by the Japanese government to grow hybrid embryos and bring them to full term.


Flavonoid-rich diet protects against cancer and heart disease, study finds

Consuming flavonoid-rich items such as apples and tea protects against cancer and heart disease, particularly for smokers and heavy drinkers, according to new research from Edith Cowan University (ECU).


July was the world's hottest month EVER recorded on Earth in 140-years of measurements and brought Arctic sea ice to its lowest point yet, NOAA says

Scientists say this past July was the hottest month on Earth in 140 years of record-keeping, and brought Arctic and Antarctic sea ice to historic lows.


Global vegetation growth has decreased by 59% in the last 20 years thanks to 'dry air' caused by global warming, scientists discover

Plant growth has decreased by 59 per cent worldwide since 1999 due to a lack of water in the atmosphere, a new study suggests. Experts studied four global climate datasets to try and uncover why vegetation growth has stalled in the past two decades.


Vaping mayhem in US: Juul and 800 companies sue to delay regulation while copycats sell fruity flavors geared toward kids and dozens of vapers are hospitalized with lung damage

E-cigarettes are at the center of a slew of severe lung problems, legal challenges and investigations in the US. Dozens of people - most of whom are teenagers, concentrated in the Midwest - have been hospitalized with damaged or even collapsed lungs after vaping.

Results: 7385 Articles found.
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