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Fish & Fish Oil: Separating the Facts and the Myths

By Ben Kligler, MD March 2023 The focus on the potential of fish and fish oil to reduce our chance of heart attack and other cardiovascular disease dates back to two Danish scientists in the 1970s.


What Does 1,4 Dioxane Ban Mean For You?

By Erin Speiser, PhD, MA March 2023, If a cosmetic or cleaning product is on the shelf at the local market, does that mean it’s safe?


Gut microbes can also help you heal faster and avoid fatty liver disease

The human gut is integral to just about every part of the body, but especially our immune system when you consider that roughly 70 percent of it lies within the gut.


Study Finds Evidence That Tropical Deforestation Stops the Rain

Even as miners, loggers and ranchers fell them at record rates, scientists are still learning about all the things that forests do to keep the local and global climate comfortable and stable.


New Study Links Zero-Calorie Sweetener to Heart Attack and Stroke

Erythritol is a sugar alcohol found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, and it has about 70% of the sweetness of sugar.


Warmer climate may drive fungi to be more dangerous to our health

A new study finds that raised temperatures cause a pathogenic fungus known as Cryptococcus deneoformans to turn its adaptive responses into overdrive.


If Your Strawberries Taste Bland, Pesticides May Be to Blame

If you’ve ever bitten into a juicy, red strawberry only to find that it was watery and somewhat flavorless, certain pesticides could be to blame.


One easy way to fight antibiotic resistance? Good hand hygiene

Antibiotics save lives by killing bacteria that cause infections. But antibiotics don’t just kill infection-causing bacteria or stay in the area of the body where the infection is occurring.


Every 500 steps seniors take reduces their risk of heart problems

People over 70 who take an extra 500 steps a day lower their risk of heart failure or stroke by 14 percent, according to a new study.


Nutritional Benefits of Vanilla Bean for Your Mind and Mood

It’s a flavor most all of us grew up eating, whether in ice cream or another type of dessert. Vanilla might seem boring, but it’s truly one of the most classic flavors you can never go wrong with.

Results: 18156 Articles found.
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