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Climate change may cut US forest inventory by a fifth this century

A study found that under more severe climate warming scenarios, the inventory of trees used for timber in the continental United States could decline by as much as 23% by 2100.


Understanding Iron Deficiency and Why Women Are More At Risk

With plant-based diets becoming more popular, cases of iron deficiency have also risen. Yet, even though iron deficiency is very common, a laissez-faire attitude around the condition can be very dangerous, especially when it comes to women’s health.


High-intensity workouts the best way to boost brain power later in life

Exercising in your forties could improve your brain’s ability to process and retain information, a new study explains.


Scientists Create Biodegradable Plastic Using Solar Energy

Scientists from Osaka Metropolitan University have found a way to synthesize fumaric acid, a raw material using for producing the biodegradable plastic polybutylene succinate, using artificial photosynthesis.​


Lung cancer rates have decreased for the Marlboro Man, but have risen steeply for nonsmokers and young women

When many people think of an average lung cancer patient, they often imagine an older man smoking. But the face of lung cancer has changed. Over the past 15 years, more women, never smokers and younger people are being diagnosed with lung cancer.


Junk food isnt just for kids: 1 in 8 older Americans show signs of addiction

If you think junk food is just something younger people eat, think again. A new poll by researchers at the University of Michigan finds that one in eight adults over 50 have such an unhealthy relationship with ultra-processed junk foods that it qualifies as a food addiction.


Switching From Gas to Induction Stoves Leads to Major Drop in Indoor Air Pollution in Bronx Pilot Program

In a pilot program in the Bronx, New York, a switch from gas stoves to induction stoves led to a 35% decline in nitrogen dioxide, as well as a decrease in average carbon monoxide concentrations. Additionally, controlled cooking tests found higher amounts of air pollution for apartments with gas stoves.​


Here’s why leaving the city for the suburbs during pregnancy might lead to smarter children

Could a move to the country help mothers-to-be give birth to smarter children? A new study finds breathing in all the smog in busy cities can have a harmful effect on a woman’s unborn child.


Adding 6 minutes of intense exercise to your daily routine can help support brain health in middle age

According to researchers from University College London (UCL), adding at least six minutes of intense exercise to your daily routine can help boost brain health in middle age.


Surfing in a Sewer: How Water Pollution is Driving Top Surfers Away From the UK

Sarah Jackson, a windsurfer and two-time world championship silver medalist, has recently made the difficult decision to leave her home on the south coast of England for the cleaner waters of Spain, The Guardian reported.

Results: 18108 Articles found.
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