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Big Pharma Bought Access to Your DNA from Genealogy Company and What They’re Using It for Should Concern Everyone

Have you paid for an ancestry report? Perhaps someone gave it to you as a gift. Either way, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline now owns your genetic fingerprint. In a paradigm shift that is making some people uneasy, human DNA has been dubbed a commodity.


World's first ever fully electric commercial seaplane with a 750-horsepower propulsion system takes flight in Canada

Today a commercial seaplane company in Vancouver completed the world’s first commercial flight of an electric plane. Harbour Air Seaplanes conducted the short flight over the Fraser River near the Vancouver International Airport in the suburb of Richmond.


Drinking just ONE glass of wine or pint of beer each night 'may raise your cancer risk by 5%' as scientists warn the safest amount of alcohol is NONE

Drinking just one alcoholic drink per day for a decade could raise your risk of cancer by five per cent, according to research.


Residents vote against nuclear waste dump near Hawker in South Australia

Residents in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges have voted narrowly against having a nuclear waste dump in their region. About 52% of the people who took part in the ballot voted against the federal government’s facility being established on land near Hawker.


Berlins rubbish collectors say give time not stuff this Christmas

Berlin’s rubbish collection service is urging the city’s residents to cut down on their waste this Christmas by gifting time rather than material objects.


Queensland school runs out of water as commercial bottlers harvest local supplies

The Tamborine Mountain state school has run out of water, even as water miners in the Gold Coast hinterland are sending millions of litres to commercial bottling operations.


Los Angeles beaches plagued with toxic stormwater, report warns

Los Angeles beaches are plagued by stormwater pollution that can make people sick and damage ecosystems, and local governments are largely failing to address the hazards, according to a new report.


Farmers Are Turning Food Waste into Electricity and Making Enough to Power Entire Cities

Nothing highlights the radical disparity between different parts of the globe more than food. As children and adults starve to death at a rate of 25,000 a day across the world, the United States throws away enough food to fill the Willis Tower in Chicago 44 times a year.


Are your children safe from toxic aluminum exposure?

You’ve childproofed your home, switched to organic food and personal care products, and generally do all you can to ensure your little ones are safe from harm. However, one danger you might have overlooked is aluminum.


New England Fishing Communities Being Destroyed by 'Climate Shocks'

The climate crisis is hurting the New England fishing industry, claims a new report published Monday, with a decline of 16% in fishing jobs in the northeastern U.S. region from 1996 to 2017 and more instability ahead. University of Delaware researcher Kimberly Oremus' paper, "Climate variability reduces employment in New England fisheries," was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Results: 8586 Articles found.
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