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The Story of Plastic: New Film Exposes the Source of Our Plastic Crisis

The film, which made its world premiere on Sunday, takes viewers on a global journey to Pennsylvania, Texas, California, the Philippines, Indonesia, China and India, among other places. It's a trek through the supply chain that begins with fracked natural gas in the United States and ends with literal mountains of plastic waste on the other side of the world.


Scientists Use the Dark of Night to Generate Clean Energy

Scientist Aaswath Raman long has been keen on discovering new sources of clean energy by creating novel materials that can make use of heat and light. And lately, he has focused on developing better cooling systems, perhaps inspired by childhood summer visits to his grandparents in Mumbai, where the temperature can hover at 100 degrees F with killer humidity — and where his family refused to add an air conditioner.


What do turmeric, apples and grapes have in common? Scientists have found they all help treat prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is among the leading cancers in men in the U.S., second only to skin cancer. The American Cancer Society estimates around 174,650 new cases of – and 31,620 deaths from – prostate cancer each year, in its latest report.


Coffee Bean Extracts Alleviate Inflammation and Insulin Resistance

When coffee beans are processed and roasted the husk and silverskin of the bean are removed and unused, and often are left behind in fields by coffee producers.Food science and human nutrition researchers at the University of Illinois are interested in the potential of inflammation-fighting compounds found in the silverskin and husk of coffee beans, not only for their benefits in alleviating chronic disease, but also in adding value to would-be “waste” products from the coffee processing industr​


Indigenous Mapuche pay high price for Argentina's fracking dream

The ancient and spectacular rock formations of Neuquén province in Argentina’s Patagonia region are a paleontologist’s dream, rich with dinosaur fossils. But the image quickly fades to the sight and sound of the fracking well that exploded on 14 September and burned continuously for 24 days, spewing hot gas and other elements into the air from nearly two miles below ground.


Canadian Company Develops Eco Leather Made From Apple Peels

Being vegan doesn’t always mean being a responsible advocate for the planet. For example, some “ethical” eaters rely on food shipped from other countries (such as bananas, papaya, and mango) to subsist. Others regularly buy plastic-based attire (such as vegan “leather”) to avoid the real deal. Fortunately, it is now slightly easier for animal advocates to look great and live mindfully.


'Tackle football is like smoking': Grim PSA video of youth players lighting cigarettes warns that starting the game at 5 raises brain damage and CTE risks ten-fold

A gut-wrenching public service announcement shows youth football players in crisp uniforms puffing on cigarettes, comparing tackle ball to smoking because both do more damage the earlier kids start.


Will a push for plastics turn Appalachia into next ‘Cancer Alley’?

Construction cranes climb into the sky and sprawl across the massive petrochemical facility that will turn a byproduct of fracked gas into plastic on the banks of the Ohio River, just outside Pittsburgh.


Bali fights for its beautiful beaches by rethinking waste, plastic trash

What’s the first thing about Bali that comes to mind? Likely its beautiful, pristine beaches. But beaches on the paradisiacal island in the Indonesian archipelago increasingly feature not shells, but rather, plastic trash.


'The smell will knock you off your feet': mass mussel die-offs baffle scientists

Mussels are the backbone of the river ecosystem because they control silt levels and filter water. And they are facing a mysterious affliction in hotspots in the US and abroad.

Results: 7992 Articles found.
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