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How Brands, Farmers, Entrepreneurs Are Reshaping Food and Ag

Food companies are making sourcing decisions that are changing the future of agriculture. Andrew Winston, author of The Big Pivot and Green to Gold, moderated a Tuesday lunch session exploring how marketing affects food & farming, sponsored by the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance (USFRA).


Sea level rise flooding threatens over 300,000 US coastal homes – study

Sea level rise driven by climate change is set to pose an existential crisis to many US coastal communities​


Delhi's air pollution is now so bad it is literally off the chart

Smog more toxic than can be measured by monitoring devices has blanketed the Indian capital this week, months before the start of Delhi’s traditional “pollution season”.


Dangerous weed that can cause blindness, severe burns found in several states

Officials now say a dangerous invasive plant that can cause blindness or severe burns by simply touching its sap has been found in multiple states in the northeast and southeast U.S.


Smoking rate in U.S. hits all-time low, CDC says

About 14 percent of U.S adults were smokers last year, down from about 16 percent the year before.


India Suffers 'Worst Water Crisis in Its History'

India is facing its "worst-ever" water crisis, according to a report from a government think tank issued last week.


The US desperately needs more millennial farmers

In the United States, the average farmer is older than 50. This is a problem: As these farmers retire, younger farmers are less likely to take their place, compared to those in previous generations. ​


Studies Based on Three Continents Show Higher Than Recommended Doses of Vitamin D Prevents Cancer

Research utilizing combined data from 17 studies that included more than 12,000 people from the U.S., Europe, and Asia found that optimal levels of vitamin D for colon cancer prevention are higher than the current U.S. recommendation of 600 international units (IU) per day.


The Irish Bumblebee Population Has Hit A Record 6-Year Low, Threatened With Extinction

As bee populations continue to decline the world over, even more bad news is headed our way.


Vegetarian diets help type 2 diabetics lose weight and could prevent them dying of heart disease

Vegetarian diets improve type 2 diabetics' insulin and cholesterol levels.

Results: 2530 Articles found.
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