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Did Lockdowns Turn Americans Into Lazy Bums?

It looks as if we can add another line to the long list of lockdown harms. Sloth. This explains so much actually. For months, we’ve been watching working/population ratios and labor participation rates and have been stunned by how they both continue to plummet. We search for explanations. Early retirement. Women driven out due to childcare shortages. Unemployment payments. All these factors contribute but there is still more to explain.


First Synthetic Embryos: The Scientific Breakthrough Raises Serious Ethical Questions

Children, even some who are too young for school, know you can’t make a baby without sperm and an egg. But a team of researchers in Israel have called into question the basics of what we teach children about the birds and the bees, and created a mouse embryo using just stem cells.


Food As A Weapon Of War

The global food crisis threatens society, putting great pressure on families to survive. Why and how are these commodities being used as a weapon? Who is behind this tyranny?


Rhine River Falls to Crisis Levels, Causing Potential Fuel Disruptions

Following weeks of scorching temperatures and little rainfall, the water levels of Germany’s Rhine River, a major shipping channel for products like gas, coal, grains, and minerals like the iron ore used to make steel, are getting so low it will become impassable later this week, creating havoc for shipments.​


Mysterious mass fish kill in the Oder River

After Polish anglers removed tons of dead fish from the Oder River bordering Germany, the die-off has been labeled an "ecological disaster." But what's to blame?


"Nothing Left In Pipes": French Towns Rely on Water Truck Deliveries For Survival

Severe drought conditions affect about 60% of the EU, and in France, dozens of municipalities have run out of water and relied on a fleet of trucks hauling fresh water for survival. At least 100 towns and villages have run out of fresh water. The French government has stepped in to support these drought-stricken areas.


Organic compost is the likely culprit of PFAS contamination in a rural Massachusetts town

Concerns about chemicals in water and soil are part of what fuels the organic movement. So it came as a shock to residents of Westminster, Mass., that the likely cause of PFAS contamination in their town — affecting about 200 properties — is organic compost.


Even low levels of air pollution can damage health, study finds

A study in one of the cleanest countries in the world could help governments think about future ways to manage air pollution.


The touch screen generation: Just HALF of six-year-olds get an hour of exercise each day — the minimum recommended amount

Half of six-year-olds in England do not get enough exercise each day, according to a study.


Blindness cure discovered? Implant made from pig skin protein restores 20:20 vision to patients!

A protein implant derived from pig skin could restore a blind person’s vision, according to a new study. Researchers found no one who underwent the operation still dealt with blindness two years later. Moreover, three people who were blind ended up with 20:20 vision after the groundbreaking procedure.​

Results: 18829 Articles found.
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