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Warning! Nicotine poses special risks to teens

The next time someone offers you their e-cigarette, you might want to think twice before taking a puff. You’re not just vaping water with some added flavoring. You’ll be inhaling a cloud of other ingredients, too, such propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.


EWG statement on FDA response to phthalates food petition

The Food and Drug Administration is denying a 2016 petition from environmental and consumer advocacy groups asking it to revoke approval of harmful phthalate chemicals in food packaging and food production materials.


Pandemic babies with developmental delays can be helped to make up for lost social interaction – 5 tips for parents

Typically, about 1 in 6 children experience a developmental delay. But children born during the pandemic, a 2022 study has found, have nearly twice the risk of developmental delays in communication and social development compared to babies born prior to the pandemic.


Grim 2022 drought outlook for Western US offers warnings for the future

Much of the western U.S. has been in the grip of an unrelenting drought since early 2020. The dryness has coincided with record-breaking wildfires, intense and long-lasting heat waves, low stream flows and dwindling water supplies in reservoirs that millions of people across the region rely on.


Will Zambia Protect Children from Kabwe’s Toxic Legacy?

Kabwe is the site of a mine and smelter that polluted the environment with extremely high levels of toxic lead from 1904 to 1994. The mine was originally owned by British colonial companies, including Anglo American, and later nationalized by Zambia. It was closed in 1994, but the mine’s waste was never cleaned up, and even now, open waste dumps continue to pollute nearby residential areas such as Kasanda, Chowa, and Makululu. As a result, tens of thousands of children in these areas are at acut​


Germany, France, Belgium confirm first cases of monkeypox

A patient in the German state of Bavaria has been infected with monkeypox, according to the Bundeswehr Institute of Microbiology in Munich. First cases were also detected in France and Belgium.


Canada CONFIRMS first two cases of monkeypox amid fears rare virus is also in Manhattan

Canada has reported its first two confirmed cases of monkeypox amid fears the rare virus is also in New York City.


6 surprising things about bees on World Bee Day

There is a lot to love about bees. They are crucial to growing many of our favorite and healthiest foods as they move pollen from plant to plant, pollinating more than a hundred fruits and vegetables including strawberries, potatoes and apples. Unfortunately, many bee species are under threat as a result of changes in land use, pesticides, intensive agriculture and climate change -- but there are steps you can take to help them thrive. In honor of World Bee Day on May 20, here are six surprising things you might not know about nature's hardest-working pollinators.


US buys millions of Monkeypox vaccines after Massachusetts confirms case

The Us has ordered 13 million additional doses of the monkeypox vaccine after a Massachusetts man contracted the rare — but potentially severe — virus, officials said Thursday.


Rare Deep-Sea Whale Washes Up on California Beach

The 16-foot beaked whale was discovered by a passerby at Mendocino County’s Jug Handle State Natural Reserve near Fort Bragg, which is 3.5 hours north of San Francisco, SFGate reported. Because beaked whales live deep beneath the waves and can dive down as far as 10,000 feet, scientists seldom get a chance to observe them.

Results: 17042 Articles found.
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