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Ashitaba — A Most Powerful yet Unknown Herb

Native to Japan, ashitaba (Angelica keiskei koidzumi1) is a bitter leafy herb of the Angelica genus, closely related to the carrot. It's also known as "tomorrow's leaf," due to its rapid growth and regenerative abilities.


Graphene to Fight Mosquitoes — What Are the Risks?

Researchers from Brown University tested whether graphene could act as a nonchemical mosquito repellant. They had participants reach into a mosquito-filled box for five minutes, with their skin uncovered, covered only in cheesecloth (a penetrable fabric) or covered with graphene and then cheesecloth. When the skin was uncovered or covered only in cheesecloth, the participants were bitten multiple times, ranging from five to 20 bites during the five-minute sessions. When graphene was used, howev​


What we know about the mysterious vaping-linked disease and deaths

Health officials, lawmakers and parents have been raising alarms about vaping for a couple of years, warning that products touted as healthier alternatives for smokers are instead drawing in young people with fun flavors and slick marketing.


Germany Moves to Phase-Out Glyphosate/Roundup; EPA Unmoved

Germany is the latest entity to take action on getting glyphosate-based pesticides out of the marketplace. Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced that, beginning in 2020, the country will phase out herbicides that contain glyphosate by the end of 2023.


Same Pesticides that are Killing Bees Significantly Shorten Monarch Lifespan

Monarch populations on both coasts of North America are in serious decline, and new research indicates that same chemicals killing bees may be responsible for similar impacts to these charismatic butterflies.


No need to cut beef to tackle climate crisis, say farmers

Farming can become climate neutral by 2040 without cutting beef production or converting substantial areas of farmland into forest, according to a plan published by the National Farmers’ Union.


One-Of-A-Kind T-Shirt Made From Wood And Algae Can Be Composted In Your Backyard

Fast fashion is one of the greatest burdens on the modern world. For this reason, some innovators are developing compostable clothing. London-based tech startup Vollebak, for example, has designed the Plant and Algae T-Shirt which can be buried and composted in your own backyard.


Kenya Installed This Solar Plant That Transforms Ocean Water Into Drinking Water

For a millennium, people have been trying to change oceanic water into potable water. But, it has never been really affordable or technologically efficient.


Taking a commonly prescribed class of antibiotics may DOUBLE your chances of getting a 'leaky valve' which leads to heart failure, study claims

Taking a common class of antibiotics may more than double your chances of getting a serious heart condition, a study suggests.

Results: 7418 Articles found.
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