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Honey Bee Colony Loss Linked to Pesticides, Parasites and Extreme Weather Across U.S.

Honey bee declines in the U.S. are “primarily related” to pesticide exposure, parasitic mites and extreme weather conditions, research published by Penn State scientists have determined.


How Power Plant Emissions Affect Cloud Formation in Utah Mountains

Humans have been altering the planet in many ways, from the extreme weather of climate change to the destruction of wildlife habitat and ecosystems.


Toxic Train Derailment Raises Need for Systemic Change

The freight train that derailed February 3, 2023 in East Palestine was carrying a number of toxic chemicals. EPA notified the railroad, “EPA has spent, or is considering spending, public funds to investigate and control releases of hazardous substances or potential.


Fossil Fuel Consumption Subsidies Soared to Record Heights in 2022

Despite constant warnings from the scientific community about the dangers of the climate crisis and extreme weather events from devastating flooding in Pakistan to record-breaking heat waves worldwide, world leaders still subsidized fossil fuel consumption with a record more than $1 trillion in 2022.​


How Pesticide Use and Climate Change Make Each Other Worse, and What We Can Do About It

That’s one of the striking findings from “Pesticides and Climate Change: A Vicious Cycle,” a first-of-its-kind report from the Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) detailing how these two environmental problems interact to make our food system less just and resilient.


From plastic waste to valuable nanomaterials

Scientists create carbon nanotubes and other hybrid nanomaterials out of plastic waste using an energy-efficient, low-cost, low-emissions process that could also be profitable.


The Pros and Cons of Filtered Water

Everyone deserves to have clean water but sometimes the water we think is clean actually isn’t. The good news is you can buy water filters at almost any grocery store nowadays and if you’re really committed to drinking clean water, you can even install a filtration system in your house.


Glyphosate Weed Killers Reduce Crop Yields and Hamper Climate Mitigation Efforts

Glyphosate use in grassland pastures reduces crop yield and impedes climate change mitigation, finds two studies (1,2) published this month from the University of Turku, Finland. While massive public relations campaigns by the agrichemical industry have poured in millions of dollars to convince politicians and the public that pesticides are necessary to ‘feed the world’ and address the climate crisis, the data does not support these claims.


Drinking alcohol while pregnant can change the shape of a baby’s face

How much alcohol a mother drinks before and during pregnancy could determine the shape of their child’s face, a new study explains.


Exercising doesn’t help kids looking at screens all day offset obesity risk

Just staying active isn’t enough to help children avoid obesity, according to a team from the University of Toronto.

Results: 17825 Articles found.
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