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Project To Study Marine Life In Gulf Of Mexico Reefs

The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most important areas in the world for marine life, and especially its natural banks and reefs that provide food, habitat and shelter for numerous species. It’s also home to a key marine protected area, and a Texas A&M University at Galveston marine biologist is heading a $1.9 million project to study how fish and marine life inhabit the region.


Northern California Swamped With "Historic Rain" Amid Rare Atmospheric River Event

The National Weather Service's (NWS) Sacramento office said "potentially historic rain" rain has fallen in parts of Northern California after a bomb cyclone accompanied an atmospheric river that unleashed massive amounts of moisture pulled in from the Pacific Ocean.


LISTEN: Respecting Earth and Indigeneity in the Grand Canyon

"The connection the people have here with the Grand Canyon and the surrounding area is much much deeper than many of the experiences that people have that visit the park. They emerged into this world from the Grand Canyon."


Environmental lawsuit challenges NC biogas production from hog waste

A complaint about pollutants from hog farms filed last month with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency alleges that the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality’s issuing of biogas permits to four hog farms will have a disproportionate impact on communities of color in the surrounding area.


Northern lakes warming six times faster in the past 25 years

Lakes in the Northern Hemisphere are warming six times faster since 1992 than any other time period in the last 100 years, research led by York University has found.


How ‘Green’ Are Lithium Batteries? Rio Tinto Driving Ecological Destruction in Serbia’s Jadar Valley

In the Jadar river valley of western Serbia, communities are taking on metals and mining giant Rio Tinto to stop the construction of a lithium mine that threatens land and livelihoods across the region. Rio Tinto is a British-Australian corporation with joint headquarters in London, UK, and Melbourne, Australia. This article introduces the Jadar Project, the purposes and impacts of lithium mining, and Rio Tinto’s long legacy of destruction around the world.


Patented Fake Meat Is All About Big Profits for Big Corporations — Not Health

Lab-grown meat offers private corporations the opportunity to place intellectual property rights on meat development and thus create a financial windfall, at the expense of human health.


Physician Explains How to Get Off Big Pharma’s Toxic Treadmill

The latest episode of CHD.TV’s “The Empower Hour,” host Zen Honeycutt interviewed Carole Grieve of Food Integrity Now, Anne Williams, R.N., of Parents Against MiraLAX and Dr. Eric Plasker, author of “100 Year Lifestyle,” who discussed how to get off Big Pharma's toxic treadmill of chemical medications.​


How Thailand Is Using Cheap and Effective Traditional Herbal Medicine

In the blazing sun, in neon orange tops, they bend and scrape, painstakingly weeding the ground around neat lines of dark green plants. They’re growing green chiretta (Andrographis paniculate) – or Fah talai jone, as it’s called in Thailand.


New Meth Causing Wave Of Mental Illness

Different chemically than it was a decade ago, the drug is creating a wave of severe mental illness and worsening America’s homelessness problem.

Results: 15246 Articles found.
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