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Can cruise ships be environmentally friendly?

Environmentalists accuse the industry of not doing enough to combat climate change, though shipping companies disagree. Can the cruise ship industry find a solution?


Vitamins: It's best to get them from food, not a bottle

Bottled vitamins might seem a convenient way to get all the important nutrients, but the best delivery method is still just eating actual healthy food.


EU to propose boosting recycled content and reuse of packaging

The European Commission is set to announce this week proposals to reduce packaging waste with new targets for recycled content in plastic drinks bottles and for the reuse of take-away cups and of packages used for online deliveries.


'Cleaner Air Is Coming' as London Expands Vehicle Pollution Fee to Entire Metro Area

"Around 4,000 Londoners die prematurely each year because of long-term exposure to air pollution, with the greatest number of deaths in outer London boroughs," noted Mayor Sadiq Khan in announcing the expansion.


Melting point: could ‘cloud brightening’ slow the thawing of the Arctic?

The climate emergency is prompting some scientists to suggest extreme measures. But whether you call it geoengineering or biomimicry, others feel interfering with nature will have too high a cost


"Freak snowstorm" hits parts of Texas in spite of above freezing temperatures

Some of the chemically nucleated frozen material fell as far south as the Texas / Mexico border while most of the US was exceptionally warm for this time of the year. The moisture for the Texas "winter storm" originated from the record warm Gulf of Mexico and the record warm Gulf of California


Smoking cannabis may be more harmful to lungs than tobacco: study

Cannabis may do more harm to a smoker's lungs and airways than tobacco, according to a small Canadian study published Tuesday.


As shark numbers plummet, nations seek ban on devastatingly effective gear

The U.S. and Canada are seeking a ban in the Pacific on two fishing devices, known as wire leaders and shark lines, that have proven devastatingly effective at catching huge numbers of sharks.


Plastic: Talks on a global treaty begin

Negotiators are meeting this week to start hammering out the details of a global agreement on plastic pollution. What's on the table?


How ‘spurious science’ threatens Antarctica

An international meeting dedicated to the conservation of Antarctica’s delicate ocean ecosystems has once again ended in deadlock. For the sixth year in a row, members of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) — part of the Antarctic Treaty System — failed to agree on any new marine protected areas in the fragile Southern Ocean.

Results: 16850 Articles found.
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