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Four Benefits Of Goldenseal Just In Time For Fall

It is officially fall 2021, and not only is Covid still here but so are all the other viruses that can attack the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. It is no surprise that people who have a low-functioning immune system or have nutrient deficiencies are more prone to catching viruses. When sleep disorders, gut issues, and emotional stress are added to the immune system, then there is a recipe for disaster or a larger chance to catch a virus. Multiple herbs and flowers can help alleviate colds and gastrointestinal symptoms, and a potent one is a goldenseal.


This solar geoengineering idea has a Goldilocks problem

This summer’s barrage of extreme weather around the globe - including record heat waves, wildfires, and flooding - have amplified calls for urgent action to address climate change. The view that rapid, drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are needed is now the scientific consensus. More controversial are calls for investigating geoengineering techniques that may cool the planet quickly by reflecting sunlight away from Earth’s surface.


Price for drug that reverses opioid overdoses soars amid record deaths

Pfizer manufacturing problems leave nonprofits paying exorbitant prices for dwindling supplies of life-saving naloxone


Is chewing on ice cubes bad for your teeth?

Chewing ice is bad for your oral health, and if you’re unlucky, it may eventually cost you or your parents an expensive trip to the dentist or orthodontist. Chewing ice could lead to cracks in enamel, which can lead to increased sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks.


Pushing The Bounds Of Future Farming

A Texas A&M AgriLife research scientist is using controlled environment agriculture to make leaps in urban farming through automation, artificial intelligence and robotics.


14 Foods High in Soluble Fiber

There are two types of fiber: insoluble fiber doesn't dissolve in water and moves food through the digestive system, helping to prevent constipation. Soluble fibers dissolves in water and lowers glucose levels and blood cholesterol. Both types are valuable to our health, reducing risk of heart disease, diabetes, and diverticulitis. One study even showed fiber reducing the risk of breast cancer. So which foods can you eat to keep your fiber up and your body regulated?


Common Insecticide Malathion Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

Exposure to the insecticide malathion increases risk of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD), according to a study recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. According to study co-author Nicholas Osborne, PhD, CKD is on the rise in developing countries in Southeast Asia and Central America, and, “nearly one in 10 people in high income countries show signs of CKD, which is permanent kidney damage and loss of renal function.”


Mothers exposed to cleaning agents and disinfectants 70% more likely to have children with asthma, study claims

Children whose mothers were exposed to high levels of cleaning products and disinfectants are significantly more likely to develop asthma, a study has claimed. Researchers who looked at more than 3,000 mothers and their children found youngsters were at an up to 71 per cent increased risk of the condition if their parent worked in a job where they regularly handled cleaning agents.


Robotic 'smart' cane helps blind and visually impaired people avoid obstacles using the same technology in autonomous cars

Most sensor canes use ultrasound to notify a user that there's some object directly in front of or above them. But the team at Stanford's Intelligent Systems Laboratory equipped their augmented cane with a LIDAR sensor, a laser-based technology used in some self-driving cars to measure the distance of nearby obstacles.


One Bank Reveals The Dismal Truth About The $150 Trillion Crusade Against Climate Change

Last week, Bank of America sparked a firestorm of reaction amid both the pro and contra climate change camps, when it published one of its massive "Thematic Research" tomes, this time covering the "Transwarming" World (available to all ZH pro subs), and which serves as a key primer to today's Net Zero reality, if for no other reason than for being one of the first banks to quantify the cost of the biggest economic, ecologic and social overhaul in modern history. The bottom line: no less than a stunning $150 trillion in new capital investment would be required to reach a "net zero" world over 30 years - equating to some $5 trillion in annual investments - and amounting to twice current global GDP.

Results: 15246 Articles found.
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