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Fatty liver disease more likely for couch potatoes, people who nap often

Couch potatoes and people who take long daytime naps are at a higher risk of developing fatty liver disease, warns new research. Scientists say people who struggle to get sleep at night, but doze off during the day are at the highest risk.


NM’s nuclear waste site could be open ‘forever’ despite 2024 closure date, advocate warns

Shipments of nuclear waste to the nation’s only deep geological repository for the hazardous material show no signs of slowing in the coming years, despite the current permit calling for the plant to begin closing in 2024.


Kansas, Nebraska researchers use plants to limit exposure to toxic lead in soil

Lead left behind in soil from mining and smelting poses a major health risk to people who live nearby. Researchers in Nebraska and Kansas believe plant life and organic material can limit lead’s spread.


Plastic can take hundreds of years to break down – and we keep making more

Americans throw away an estimated 2.5m plastic water bottles an hour. We need international cooperation to protect our planet and our health


‘There are no safe levels of pollution’: an interview with wildfire researcher Sam Heft-Neal

As smoke from wildfires spreads from coast to coast, scientists are looking into how best to protect vulnerable populations


Comfrey: The "Miracle Plant" Teachings

I am grateful for the intimate relationship that I have developed with the Comfrey plant. I can truly say that I love comfrey - from its large, green nitrogen-rich leaves to its deepest, darkest mineral-rich roots. It has helped heal my bones, ligaments, tendons, teeth and muscles, as well as those of my family and community countless times. I truly cannot imagine my life without the power of its simple yet potent restorative healing medicine that makes miracles happen.


Weather cataclysms are wreaking havoc all over the world. We are led to believe these are all "natural disasters", but what aren't we being told?

Weather cataclysms are wreaking havoc all over the world. We are led to believe these are all "natural disasters", but what aren't we being told? Climate engineering operations continue to be denied by all official sources and the whole of academia. Nature is saddled with the blame for events that are anything but natural.


Common garden weed is a 'SUPER PLANT' that holds the key to drought-resistant crops, scientists claim

Purslane can be a nightmare for keen gardeners, but a new study may make you think twice about getting rid of the weed. Researchers from Yale claim that purslane may be a 'super plant' that holds the key to drought-resistant crops.


The Pesky Problem of Offshoring Pollution

Every July, Singapore prepares to see its greenery vanish beneath a mantle of smoke. The haze from land-clearing fires drifts from Indonesia and Malaysia each dry season. But a recent study has revealed another source of air pollution from Singapore’s neighbors: heavy metals, such as chromium, from heavy industry.


Homogenized global food system puts people and planet at risk

Despite having 14,000 edible and nutritious plant species to choose from, 75% of the food we eat comes from just 12 plants and five animal species.

Results: 18722 Articles found.
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