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Mediterranean diet associated with a lower risk of mortality in older adults

A greater adherence to the Mediterranean diet which had been assessed through an index made with biomarkers during a 20-year scientific monitoring is associated with a lower mortality in adults over 65. ​


Step up: Walking may reduce type 2 diabetes risk for adults 65 and older

Walking regularly and at greater intensity may help prevent Type 2 diabetes among 70 and 80 year olds, according to one of the first studies measuring steps and pace among this population.


Solar Geoengineering: Why Bill Gates Wants It, But These Experts Want To Stop It

It sounds very much like the plot of one science fiction movie in particular—namely Bong Joon-ho’s 2013 film Snowpiercer, in which scientists release aerosols into the sky in a desperate bid to stop rampant global warming. Let’s just say the plan doesn’t work out as intended.


Firefighters hope Washington bill will help remove toxic chemicals from protective gear

A new bill in the Washington Legislature could help speed the process for state regulators to restrict toxic chemicals in firefighting gear.


Should the world ban solar geoengineering? 60 experts say yes.

In an open letter published Monday in the journal WIREs Climate Change, more than 60 researchers from around the globe offered a resounding “no” to both questions. They called for an “international non-use agreement” on so-called solar geoengineering technologies, which would cool the planet by releasing sun-reflecting chemicals into the atmosphere. The authors want governments to ban outdoor experiments and deployment of solar geoengineering, prohibit national funding agencies from providing financial support, and refuse patents for such technologies.


What to do if you have been exposed to chemicals or toxic material from an industrial explosion

There is no question that industrial explosions are catastrophic; still, the far-reaching effects of such an event are often underestimated. When an industrial explosion occurs, toxic material and chemicals may escape from the site, affecting workers and residents who were not in the immediate vicinity of the blast. If you believe you have been exposed to chemicals or toxic materials as a result of an industrial accident or explosion — whether you were on the job or just happen to live near the ​


Inside the Dramatic Rise of Factory Farming in Africa

When we talk about animal welfare in Africa, we often focus on issues like the illegal poaching of rhino and elephant tusks or hunting of endangered lions and cheetahs. But in recent years, the expansion of factory farming in many African countries has become a new cause for concern.



The Veganuary campaign—which has amassed 2 million sign-ups to date—is now seeing someone new pledging to go vegan every few seconds.


We Need to End Octopus Farming Before It Starts

In May 2021, Fatih Birol, the executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), finally admitted what climate activists have been saying for years: Preventing catastrophic climate change requires ending all extraction of new coal, oil, and gas. The idea that we need to replace fossil fuels with alternative sources of energy, given how destructive fossil fuels are to the health of humans, nonhumans, and the environment has been undeniable for decades.


Honey bees and their honey could be a big help in solving police cases

An unlikely collaboration between George Mason University's Honey Bee Initiative and the new outdoor Forensic Science Research and Training Laboratory could yield critical advances in forensic science. ​

Results: 16540 Articles found.
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