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What's New in the World of Complementary and Integrative Health

By Ben Kligler, MD 1-16-2018 For people who use and practice complementary and integrative medicine, 2017 was a watershed year—and 2018 promises to be even more so.


Savor The Season

By Deirdre Imus 11-25-2017 Whatever you celebrate, wherever you live, one thing’s for sure: the holiday season is about to begin, starting with Thanksgiving and extending for weeks thereafter. Along with barrels of joy and cheer, this time of year can be terribly stressful.


America's School Infrastructure Can't Graduate: 4 Year GPA of 1.0

Say you are a parent, and in four years your child has barely managed to raise their grade from a D to a D+. It’s not the progress you want. And, while there are all kinds of ways to look at GPAs and grades, that is the grade given to the nation’s school infrastructure by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in its 2017 report, up a notch from the D it awarded in 2013. As this blog has previously noted, failing buildings can damage children’s health and ability to learn.


Foiling Aluminum

Of all the potentially harmful chemicals swirling around in the atmosphere,one of the most well known is aluminum.


The Sweet Gift of Honey Bees

By Deirdre Imus, August 24, 2017 It has been about a year since Hackensack University Medical Center welcomed 30,000 new friends to its rooftop, and these busy little creatures have created quite a buzz.


Back to School, Away from Toxins

By Deirdre Imus, August 10, 2017 For countless American kids, back to school time means shopping for new backpacks, supplies, and outfits.


Sunshine, Sunscreen and Vitamin D

By Deirdre Imus 6/20/17 Summer is stirring, and with every emerging season comes new challenges, and also new adventures. In an ideal scenario, we’d spend our days soaking up the sun, communing with nature, or tending to a blossoming garden.


Exercise A Weighty Issue

By Deirdre Imus, May 2017 Parents have countless thoughts running through their minds at any given moment: Is my child happy? Sick? Safe? Doing well in school? Making enough friends? Tag on the perpetual stress of everyday life (job, commute, the news), and there’s not a lot of room for other worries, like getting the entire family to sit down to a healthy home-cooked meal, or engage in some form of physical activity together.


Cause a Stir, Reconnect with Silent Spring

By Deirdre Imus, 4/10/2017 Spring is a perfect time for new beginnings. We clean, we plant, we reconnect with the natural world. The season provides a unique opportunity to inspire, and to be inspired.


Let's Give em Something to Buzz About

By Deirdre Imus, 8-23-2016 There’s been a lot of buzz lately about honeybees, those quasi-nuisances that can send even the most stoic among us into a tailspin trying to avoid an encounter.

Results: 98 Articles found.
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