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Take A Vacation From Stress

By Deirdre Imus-July 2016 Summer evokes a sense of nostalgia in most of us: carefree days and nights spent on the beach, chasing lightning bugs in the yard, licking melted ice cream off sticky fingers.​


Something Stinks Under Your Sink

By Deirdre Imus, June 1, 2016 According to a new report released last week, a toxic chemical that is also a known hormone disruptor is more pervasive than ever.


Are We There Yet?

By Deirdre Imus, June 22, 2016 The saying goes that with little kids you take trips, not vacations. A vacation is relaxing; a getaway involving children is usually anything but.


Our Children Are Polluted

By Lawrence Rosen, MD-February 2016 Relatively short-term significant increases in incidence of hormonally-associated cancers (e.g., breast cancer, ovarian cancer, testicular cancer) and early onset of puberty have spurred researchers to carefully consider what role environmental factors play in triggering these conditions.


Family Time Is Quality Time

By Gabriel Gonzalez, November- At the Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center®, we’re all about promoting a safe and healthy environment for our kids. What better way to promote this by teaching them about preparing healthy home-cooked meals alongside them. It’s easy and fun for the whole family!


Feeding Antibiotics To Health Animals Risks Children's Health

BY EWG-The influential American Academy of Pediatrics, which numbers 64,000 pediatricians, has added its voice to the growing movement of public health professionals who are demanding an end to the dangerous overuse of antibiotics in meat and poultry production.


The Power of the Pumpkin: Thinking Past Pie

By Deirdre Imus- If there is one thing it is nearly impossible for any American to avoid this time of year, its pumpkins. This round squash derivative holds much more value than spooking neighborhood kids, or spicing your latte.


Drop The Hot Dogs To Prevent Kids From Cancer Risks

By Dr. Neil Barnard, November 1 No parent or educator would knowingly send a student into a school where they are exposed to asbestos. But in most schools, students are endangered by something just as dangerous: processed meats. Bacon, sausage, pepperoni pizza, hot dogs, and other processed meat products have joined the World Health Organization’s list of cancer-causing products, along with asbestos, arsenic, and cigarettes.


Eat Lunch For A Healthy Life

By Vicky and the V Well Team, October 10 One of the best ways to manage your weight and stay healthy is to eat. That’s right, eating food is the way to go. There sure seems to be a lot of myths out there and I know people are very confused about how to stay healthy. The most important thing you can do for your body is to feed it, and feed it good!


Cold and Flu Season is Almost Here- Take Control of Your Family's Health!

By Deirdre Imus, October 2015 Much like birthdays, anniversaries, and the holidays, cold and flu season is one of those annual occurrences that just kind of sneaks up on you.

Results: 93 Articles found.
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