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San Francisco Approves Lethal Police Robots After 'Unhinged' Board Of Supervisors Hearing

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors voted this week to give police the ability to use lethal, remote-controlled robots in certain situations where "risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other force option available to SFPD."


Michigan policy change means more children can get help for lead poisoning

By lowering the threshold for elevated lead in children’s blood, state regulators instantly put 1,500 children on the state’s radar. Many of them will now be eligible for programs to help children who’ve been exposed to the neurotoxin.


EPA advances biomass for EVs, pushes increase in biofuels

The Biden administration proposed Thursday to increase over three years the amount of biofuel that’s mixed into the nation’s transportation fuel supply and to expand the renewable fuel program for electric vehicles, handing the ethanol industry a victory and sparking criticism from petroleum companies.​


Adults living in areas with high air pollution are more likely to have multiple long-term health conditions: Study

Exposure to traffic related air pollution is associated with an increased likelihood of having multiple long-term physical and mental health conditions, according to a new study of more than 364,000 people in England.


The Biggest Carbon Emitters, By Sector

It’s no secret that greenhouse gas emissions need to decrease drastically in order to fight the effects of climate change.As countries across the globe ramp up efforts to reduce global warming, every industry needs to do its part. So who’s lagging and who’s leading?


Purchasing loot boxes in video games associated with problem gambling risk, says study

Gamers who buy "loot boxes" are up to two times more likely to gamble, shows new research published today in the journal Addiction Research & Theory.


Death Valley's Ubehebe Crater reveals volcanic hazard areas are underestimated

When magma bubbles up toward Earth's surface and meets groundwater, steam pressure builds, sometimes bursting into eruptions that spew currents of hot ash, potentially burning and asphyxiating people and burying nearby cities. Take, for example, similar ash currents that formed during the eruptions at Mount Vesuvius, which were responsible for many of the fatalities in the city of Pompeii around 79 C.E.


For Colorado’s ozone, a leaf blower for 1 hour is same as 1,100 miles in a gas car

Environmental groups argue for swift changeover to electric lawn tools as state regulators face a December decision on a clean air plan


New study puts gut microbiome at the center of Parkinson's disease pathogenesis

New research from the University of Alabama at Birmingham says the gut microbiome is involved in multiple pathways in the pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease. The findings, published in Nature Communications, show a wide imbalance in microbiome composition in persons with Parkinson's disease.


Mystery cattle deaths in Colorado stump investigators

Investigators in Colorado have been left baffled after dozens of cattle inexplicably dropped dead in a remote corner of the state.

Results: 17355 Articles found.
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