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‘Extinction is on the table’: Jaron Lanier warns of tech’s existential threat to humanity

The American computer scientist, who coined the term ‘virtual reality,’ cautions against online ‘psychological operatives’


Programmable home insulation that could replace air conditioning systems

Energy is scarce—and like all scarce things, it comes at a price. That is why Germany needs to greatly reduce its energy consumption. There is significant potential for this in the area of heating and cooling energy which accounts for a large proportion of Germany's energy consumption. Innovative materials that can be programmed to control heat transition can be a valuable tool in this scenario. The use of materials like these could, for instance, save up to 40% of the energy used to cool single-family homes.


Environmental toxins linked to rate of CV death; lead in US, air pollution in UK

In the U.S. and U.K., exposure to environmental factors such as lead and ambient particulate matter may correlate to increased CV death, according to a 30-year analysis of mortality data.


How Do Military Members Get Compensated for Toxic Exposure Injuries?

Those who lived and worked at North Carolina’s Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune now have a chance at justice, decades after they were exposed to dangerously contaminated water that gave them a laundry list of health problems.


Young kids who breathe polluted air can fall behind in school, study finds

Young children living in neighborhoods with high rates of poverty are more likely to be exposed to many different air pollutants, and that can harm their development during early childhood, according to a study published Wednesday.


Former world kickboxing champion’s career ended prematurely by mercury poisoning from fillings

A former kickboxing world champion has revealed how he discovered that ‘heavy metal poisoning’ from fillings in his teeth led him to quit the sport he loved over a decade ago.


Pink snow is a red flag for the West’s water

Rouge-colored ribbons of algae ran 400 square feet across the sunny slope — Chlamydomonas nivalis, a red-pigmented green algae found in high alpine and polar regions around the globe. The algae’s striking appearance on snow has earned it nicknames ranging from the delicious-sounding — watermelon snow — to the ominous — glacier blood. Scientists believe this algae could play a major role in melting glaciers and snowfields.


New EWG research finds many North Carolina factory farms are at risk of flooding

A new Environmental Working Group geospatial analysis finds over 2 percent of North Carolina’s 7,352 swine and poultry factory farms are in or just outside floodplains. When these farms flood, they can contaminate water with bacteria and other health hazards.


Major fires an increasing risk as the air gets thirstier, research shows

Greater atmospheric demand for water means a dramatic increase in the risk of major fires in global forests unless we take urgent and effective climate action, new research finds.


‘I’ve lost my children to vaping’: the tragic stories behind the soaring rates of youth addiction

How do you help a child who is addicted to nicotine from vaping to quit? It’s a question that Australian parents and doctors are now grappling with

Results: 17355 Articles found.
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