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The Exciting Emergence of Regenerative Medicine

I recently had the opportunity to interview Tony Robbins — likely the most successful personal development coach in modern history — about what he’s been up to during the last couple of years, and the release of his new book, “Life Force: How New Breakthroughs in Precision Medicine Can Transform the Quality of Your Life and Those You Love.”


Higher Levels of These Antioxidants Linked to Lower Dementia

A study supported by the National Institute on Aging and published in the journal Neurology demonstrates that people who have higher levels of specific antioxidants in their blood could reduce their potential risk of developing dementia.


The Top 10 Largest Nuclear Explosions, Visualized

Just how powerful are nuclear explosions? The U.S.’ Trinity test in 1945, the first-ever nuclear detonation, released around 19 kilotons of explosive energy. The explosion instantly vaporized the tower it stood on and turned the surrounding sand into green glass, before sending a powerful heatwave across the desert.


Visualizing The Science Behind Cultured Meat

Cultured foods—also known as cell-based foods—are expected to turn our global food system as we know it on its head. In fact, the cultured meat market is estimated to reach an eye-watering $25 billion by 2030.


Now We Are Being Told To Expect Food And Diesel Shortages For The Foreseeable Future

If you think that the food and diesel shortages are bad now, then you will be absolutely horrified by what the globe is experiencing by the end of the year. All over the planet, food production is being crippled by an unprecedented confluence of factors. The war in Ukraine, extremely bizarre weather patterns, nightmarish plagues and a historic fertilizer crisis have combined to create a “perfect storm” that isn’t going away any time soon.


Highly contagious bird flu confirmed to have jumped species, killing wild foxes in Michigan

Michigan officials have confirmed a deadly viral infection has spread from birds to some wild foxes in the state. The contagious bird flu has resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of birds in North America, either from the flu directly or in culling to prevent its spread. The state Department of Natural Resources has now confirmed the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has jumped species.​


Is There A Seed Shortage?

Demand for seeds is at an all-time high! With grocery store shelves emptying and the prices constantly going up on what’s left, people have started to look for alternative methods of eating, and growing their own food has become the simplest way to achieve that.


Plans for a Chinese corn mill in North Dakota spur uproar

Until retiring last year, Frank Matejcek spent most of his life farming: raising cattle, growing wheat, sugar beets and other crops on 800 acres just outside Grand Forks, North Dakota, on the border of Minnesota. Now, after 50 years of working the land, Matejcek and his wife Lucy are among a number of farmers and other Grand Forks-area residents who say they are fighting to protect the land, and their community, from plans for the construction of a large wet corn mill plant by the Chinese conglomerate Fufeng Group Ltd.


Workers exposed to PFAS in a variety of industries

From construction to skiing, PFAS are an important, but understudied, source of on-the-job chemical exposure.​


Agriculture Secretary: 61,670 Farm Families in America Today...Are on the Brink'

President Biden plans to visit a family farm in Kankakee, Illinois today, along with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsak, to discuss the global rise in food prices, as the war in "breadbasket" Ukraine is contributing to shortages.

Results: 17353 Articles found.
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