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Shorter days affect the mood of millions of Americans

The annual pattern of winter depression and melancholy – better known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD – suggests a strong link between your mood and the amount of light you get during the day.


Foams used in car seats and mattresses are hard to recycle

A new plant-based substitute for polyurethane foam eliminates the health risk of the material, commonly found in insulation, car seats and other types of cushioning, and it’s more environmentally sustainable, our new research shows.


Average person only drinks 4 glasses of water a day

The average person drinks just four glasses of water a day — with most of them hydrating through beverages like tea and coffee instead.


How do you slow down aging? Scientists explain how exercise keeps you young

Time and time again, exercise continues to demonstrate its ability to protect against diseases. When it comes to aging, however, the results are not so clear cut.


Report: 32 million pounds of toxic pesticides sprayed on Ventura County fields from 2015 to 2020

“Ventura County, Calif.,” began a feature story in The Washington Post in August 2015, “is the absolute most desirable place to live in America.”


Alcohol use is widely accepted in the US, but even moderate consumption is associated with many harmful effects

This month, millions of Americans are taking part in “Dry January” in an effort to forgo alcohol for a month and cleanse themselves of the excesses of the holiday season.


Green jobs are booming, but too few employees have sustainability skills to fill them – here are 4 ways to close the gap

To meet today’s global sustainability challenges, the corporate world needs more than a few chief sustainability officers – it needs an army of employees, in all areas of business, thinking about sustainability in their decisions every day.


Kick up your heels – ballroom dancing offers benefits to the aging brain and could help stave off dementia

Social ballroom dancing can improve cognitive functions and reduce brain atrophy in older adults who are at increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.


On climate & biodiversity, where are we, post-COP15?

There are many connections between climate change and biodiversity loss, and many of the actions needed to meet the 2030 action targets around biodiversity loss can also work toward climate change targets.​



The collapse of recycling is primarily due to high contamination levels in the recycling stream - which means the public is throwing a lot of "garbage" in recycling bins. Contamination cripples the economics of recycling. The process to remove contamination reduces profitability, driving up the cost of recyclables, thereby preventing many manufacturers from reusing recycled materials. As a result, they continue to deplete finite natural resources at alarming levels.

Results: 18100 Articles found.
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