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Global Chemical Pollution Exceeds Safe Limits for Humanity

The bottom-line conclusion of a recent study is that global chemical pollution has now exceeded a safe limit for humanity. As reported by The Guardian, “The cocktail of chemical pollution that pervades the planet now threatens the stability of global ecosystems upon which humanity depends.” Published in Environmental Science & Technology, the research paper asserts that the creation and deployment (into the materials stream and environment) of so many “novel entities” (synthetic chemicals) is happening at a pace that eclipses human ability to assess and monitor them. The study team calls this exceedance of the “planetary boundary” of such chemical pollution “the point at which human-made changes to the Earth push it outside the stable environment of the last 10,000 years.”


Pioneering study finds generational link between smoking and body fat

Women and girls whose grandfathers or great-grandfathers began smoking at an early age tend to have more body fat, research that taps into the extraordinary 30-year-old Children of the 90s study has found. ​


EU parliament restricts live animal transports

The EU has moved to regulate live transports of animals more strictly. The changes come after an animal welfare investigation had revealed shocking insights into the industry.


‘My customers like zero waste’: the blacksmith recycling canisters into cult kitchen knives

Tim Westley takes up chef friend’s challenge to transform laughing gas litter


Biden Admin Decrees All "Essential" Workers Traveling To US Must Be Fully Vaccinated

Despite the fact that the Supreme Court has blocked OSHA from enforcing the Biden Administration's corporate vaccination mandate for most US workers, the administration has decided to require travelers visiting the US for "essential" reasons - ie to fill "essential" jobs like serving as a hospital nurse treating COVID patients - to be fully vaccinated.


How Billions in COVID Stimulus Funds Led to Dangerous, Tyrannical Policies in U.S. Schools

In 2020 and 2021, Congress passed trillions in COVID-related stimulus funds, a good portion of which went to schools — but only if school officials aligned their policies with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID guidelines.


The Codex Alimentarius Circus Comes to Town

No one at the Codex Alimentarius Commission is as nice as the outgoing Chairman Guilherme da Costa, Jr. Even when he is kicking your feet out from under you by not allowing your spoken comments to go into the Final Report of the meeting, he is gentlemanly about it, even charming. He also is one of the most accommodating chairmen or -women when it comes to allowing a delegate to speak - just keep in mind that you will be strictly limited to two minutes and most likely your comments will never make it into the report. For that very reason, this article - not Codex's carefully scripted Final Report - will give you the more complete story of what happened at that meeting on the two key issues confronting the National Health Federation (NHF).


You Can Check in, but You Can Never Leave

In this 40-minute interview with Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, she reveals to host Dr. Peter R. Breggin many of the atrocities that are happening in hospitals today — not in the name of science, research or misguided intervention, but in the name of worship of the almighty dollar.


Rise of the machines: Robot umpires moving up to Triple-A baseball for 2022

Robot umpires have been given a promotion and will be just one step from the major leagues this season. Major League Baseball is expanding its automated strike zone experiment to Triple-A, the highest level of the minor leagues.


Elon Musk's Neuralink could soon implant its brain chip in HUMANS

Elon Musk has demonstrated the Neuralink brain chip in a pig, a monkey and new job listing from the company suggests we could soon see it preform in a human brain.

Results: 16874 Articles found.
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