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Oregon State survey suggests charismatic songbird’s numbers have dramatically declined

The evening grosbeak, a noisy and charismatic songbird, once arrived at Oregon State University in springtime flocks so vast an OSU statistics professor estimated there were up to a quarter million of the birds on campus daily.


‘White gold’: why shrimp aquaculture is a solution that caused a huge problem

In the 1980s, farmers in Bangladesh went from paddies to ponds, letting salt water flood their land. Now millions are left counting the cost


How can California lead the U.S. in solving an ocean pollution crisis? One word: plastics

Single-use plastics are especially pervasive. More than half the litter found on our beaches and waterways by the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup over the past three decades was single-use plastic packaging and food ware.


Microbe protects honey bees from poor nutrition, a significant cause of colony loss

Indiana University researchers have identified a specific bacterial microbe that, when fed to honey bee larvae, can reduce the effects of nutritional stress on developing bees -- one of the leading causes of honey bee decline.


One step closer to fire-safe, recyclable lithium-metal batteries

To power our increasingly electrified society, energy storage technology must evolve and adapt to meet the growing demand. Lithium-ion batteries, already essential to myriad technology, will require dramatic improvements in high-energy density, safety, temperature resilience, and environmental sustainability in order to provide the type of emission-free future that so many envision.


Mother Earth Is Not for Sale

Care of the Earth and all life is our ethical and ecological responsibility — it’s also the path to a healthy society, healthy economies and peaceful co-existence.


Sugar Acts Like a Drug — And That’s a Problem for Your Brain

Research suggests sugar can trigger reward and craving states in your brain similar to addictive drugs, and lead to brain-related health issues such as depression, learning disorders, memory problems and overeating.


Bayer Loses Again: Supreme Court Upholds $87 Million Award in Roundup Cancer Case

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt another blow to Bayer AG’s effort to defend itself against ongoing litigation over allegations that Roundup herbicide causes cancer, denying the company’s request for a review of a California trial loss.


Statins Increase Diabetes Risk by 38%

Data from one study showed people taking statin medications have a 38% increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Scientists have identified several factors that may play a part in elevating risk, including impaired insulin sensitivity and the impact on epigenetics that influence insulin traits


'Pandemic babies' with no immunity are ending up in intensive care across Australia with respiratory illnesses

A concerning number of 'pandemic babies' with no immunity to respiratory viruses are ending up seriously ill in ICU. Doctors have revealed children born during the Covid-19 pandemic are requiring intensive care 'from encountering viruses they haven't come across before', such as influenza, RSV and Covid.​

Results: 18375 Articles found.
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