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Binge-watching TV in middle-age may raise the risk of blood clots by a THIRD, study suggests

Binge-watching TV can significantly raise your risk of suffering blood clots, a major review suggests.​


A Return to Native Agriculture

Indigenous farming and ranching practices are once again being embraced in an American West stressed by drought, diminishing resources, and climate change.


Nanoplastic pollution found at both of Earth’s poles for first time

Nanoplastic pollution has been detected in polar regions for the first time, indicating that the tiny particles are now pervasive around the world.


How GMO labels affect customer decision making with food purchases

Researchers from Neoma Business School, Concordia University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison published a new paper in the Journal of Marketing that examines how the GMO labeling that policymakers implement affects consumer choice. The study is authored by Youngju Kim, SunAh Kim, and Neeraj Arora.​


More young adults developing gastrointestinal cancers — and doctors don’t know why

More and more young men and women are developing gastrointestinal cancers, a troubling new study reveals. Even more concerningly, a team from Flinders University says scientists and doctors still don’t know why this is happening.


New measuring method reveals there may be more plastic on than in your salad

It's now possible to measure how many plastic particles there are in our food. Chinese scientists and Leiden University professor Willie Peijnenburg applied their new method to lettuce and wheat. Their results were published January 20 in Nature Nanotechnology.


Pomegranate extract could unlock powerful fountain of youth treatment for seniors

A substance in pomegranates could hold the key to creating a new anti-aging treatment that strengthens muscles and mitochondrial health. Researchers from the University of Washington say the fruit contains an extract called urolithin A, which they believe can protect against frailty during old age.


Demand for rare minerals and metals creates eco-dilemma

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the demand for so-called critical raw materials (CRMs) will increase sevenfold by 2050. The reason for this is that our green, renewable energy technologies require far more metals and other materials than those used to supply fossil energy. The electric cars that carry us from A to B will require six times more minerals than our traditional petrol-driven cars, and the wind power technologies that provide us with renewable electricity will be demanding nine times more of these resources than our gas-fired power plants. And this demand is set to accelerate rapidly in the very near future.


Escalation of eating disorders during COVID-19, research finds

A major study by InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders at the University of Sydney reveals a widespread escalation of eating disorder symptoms during COVID-19 lockdown in Australia, with 40 percent going undiagnosed.


In Texas, driverless trucks are set to take over roads

A giant 18-wheel transport truck is barreling down a multi-lane Texas highway, and there is no one behind the wheel. The futuristic idea may seem surreal, but it is being tested in this vast southern US state, which has become the epicenter of a rapidly developing self-driving vehicle industry.

Results: 16874 Articles found.
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