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Why Cant Styrofoam Be Recycled?

For many people, green living is the act of sacrificing convenience in our own day-to-day lives in exchange for a cleaner future for everyone. Composting, driving less, eating cleaner, and recycling are all part of the process, but for some people, these minor inconveniences are not worth the time it takes to separate cans from your regular garbage.


How a gene found in centenarians could be turned into an anti aging drug for the heart

An anti-aging gene common in people who live to be 100 years-old has the ability to rewind the biological age of someone’s heart by 10 years!


Beetroot juice can significantly increase muscle force while working out

Countless people spend untold hours in the gym in pursuit of stronger muscles. For many, they follow these sessions by consuming a whole lot of protein to promote muscle recovery and growth.


You Can Reuse and Recycle Your Candle Jars, After the Wax Has Melted

After a grueling day of work, nothing surpasses silencing your phone, snuggling up to your pet, and lighting every single candle you own.


Integrating Plant-Based Detox Foods into Your Daily Diet

Have you ever thought about a detox? Maybe you’ve even tried a cleanse? While you feel great afterward, you may have noticed that the lost weight returns and that the light, healthy feeling diminishes quickly.


Average American wakes up well-rested only 3 days a week

If you’re waking up feeling more exhausted than when you fell asleep, you’re not alone. According to new research, the average American wakes up feeling well-rested only three mornings out of the week.​


Heres why watching beautiful sunrises sunsets actually improves your health

Do you often wake up in a crummy mood? Consider taking a few minutes to watch the sunset at night. According to researchers from the University of Exeter, you just might come away from the experience feeling better.


Antibiotics in wastewater and sewage contaminating global waterways, boosting drug-resistant superbugs

Antibiotic residues in wastewater and sewage works are contributing to antibiotic resistance, a new study warns.


Having ADHD in adulthood strongly linked to development of anxiety, depression

Adults living with severe ADHD symptoms are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than those with high levels of autistic traits, according to a new study.


Forever chemicals in freshwater fish: Mapping a growing environmental justice problem

From coast to coast, and in almost every state in the U.S., high levels of the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS contaminate freshwater fish.

Results: 18156 Articles found.
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