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Women may live longer — but eating these colorful foods can help ensure they live healthier

Average life expectancy for women is greater than that of men. The additional longevity, though, includes higher rates of illnesses. A new study from the University of Georgia (UGA) suggests that these higher rates of illnesses can be improved by a diet high in pigmented carotenoids.


Costly Chemicals; The Health and Economic Impact of 'Forever Chemicals'

With PFAS being commonly found in households worldwide, what are the health and economic impacts of these forever chemicals? In this interview, we speak to Dr. Linda Kahn to find out more!


Talking to Kids about Vaping

New Youth Vaping Prevention Campaign Uses Dance Challenge to Address Serious Topic The American Lung Association and the Ad Council are launching a new series of public service announcements on Tuesday August 9th that encourage parents to proactively talk to their kids about the dangers and health effects of vaping. The new PSAs are part of a broader campaign to raise awareness about the risks associated with youth vaping and help parents with kids aged 10-14 start important conversations with t​


Meth use is driving overdose epidemic in rural America — not opioids

Hit shows like “Breaking Bad” put a spotlight on the dangerous nature of making and using methamphetamine. Now, a new study finds the common drug in pop culture is also a common problem in rural America. Researchers from Oregon Health & Science University say that meth use is actually driving the nation’s overdose crisis, rather than the commonly suspected cause — opioids.


Lithium mining: A load shedding solution or an environmental catastrophe?

It's estimated that by 2030, batteries will account for 95% of global lithium demand. Lithium-ion batteries have been touted as one way in which the demand for power can be managed and place less strain on the grid, but what about the impact of lithium mining on the environment?



In some cases, these “chemical releases” aren’t illegal. In others, state regulators give polluters the benefit of the doubt.


Six Top Reasons to Try Grape Seed Extract

This powerful compound, made from crushed grape seeds, benefits everything from heart health and blood pressure to weight management and even mood support


94% of Baby Foods — Including Homemade — Contain Brain-Damaging Heavy Metals, New Study Shows

Almost all baby foods U.S. parents feed their children — whether store-bought or homemade — contain detectable amounts of toxic heavy metals that can impair brain development, according to new research from Healthy Babies, Bright Futures.


Michigan Plant Ignored Safety Alarm 460+ Times In 3 Hours As Toxic Chemical Leaked Into Huron River

According to records recently submitted by state authorities, it is now clear that a plant operator disregarded and then silenced a safety alarm at least 460 times in just a three-hour span while a significant release of a dangerous cancer-causing chemical flowed into Michigan’s Huron River last month.​


High Prices, Range Anxiety Holding Back EV Adoption

While the tax credits for new and used electric vehicles included in the Inflation Reduction Act will do its part in making electric cars more attractive to American consumers, Statista's Felix Richter notes that there’s more than just the high purchase price keeping Americans from buying electric.

Results: 19274 Articles found.
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