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Not Just Another Petition – Let Your Voice Be Heard Now!

Say NO to a forced coronavirus vaccine and other compulsory medical interventions.


Sixth mass extinction of wildlife accelerating, scientists warn

The sixth mass extinction of wildlife on Earth is accelerating, according to an analysis by scientists who warn it may be a tipping point for the collapse of civilisation.


Heavy metals present in snake livers raise environmental concerns

Tiger snakes living in Perth's urban wetlands are accumulating toxic heavy metals in their livers, suggesting that their habitats—critical, local ecosystems—are contaminated and the species may be suffering as a result.


COVID-19 Exposed The Truth: Laws, Rules & Regulations Are Futile, Humans Were Born Free

The one good thing to come out of the COVID-19 panic is the increasing awareness of the general public. The scamdemic has exposed the futility of most rules, laws, and regulations, as people have found out they don’t have to obey any ruler or politician because they were born free.


Bees grooming each other can boost colony immunity

Honeybees that specialize in grooming their nestmates (allogroomers) to ward off pests play a central role in the colony, finds a new UCL and University of Florence study.


With $3 billion PFAS cleanup price tag looming, Pentagon looks to industry for ideas

Staring down a $3 billion—and growing—tab to clean up water sources at military installations across the country that are contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals linked to firefighting foam, the Defense Department is now in discussions with private companies about potential cleanup solutions that might reduce the cost.


School Reopenings in Denmark Did Not Worsen COVID-19 Spread, Data Show

A new Reuters report says data show the school reopenings in Denmark did not lead to an increase in the spread of COVID-19.


Red And Blue States Getting Ugly Over Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is emerging as an American Stasi that has the power to demand personal information, to detain and to disrupt your life entirely. However, it has no basis in law and is patently unconstitutional. Hohmann breaks down a real incident in Texas.


China withheld data on coronavirus from WHO, recordings reveal

The World Health Organization struggled to get needed information from China during critical early days of the coronavirus pandemic, according to recordings of internal meetings that contradict the organisation’s public praise of Beijing’s response to the outbreak.


VAPE WARNING: If you vape, you could be leading your health down a dark road, but there is a “light” at the end of the tunnel

If you quit smoking to vape, you just gave up some of the most toxic ingredients in anything humans “consume,” so good for you. The FDA will say you made a mistake, and that vaping is just as bad for you as cigarettes, but that’s a total crock.

Results: 10771 Articles found.
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