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No-Till Practices in Vulnerable Areas Significantly Reduce Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a major challenge in agricultural production. It affects soil quality and carries nutrient sediments that pollute waterways. While soil erosion is a naturally occurring process, agricultural activities such as conventional tilling exacerbate it. Farmers implementing no-till practices can significantly reduce soil erosion rates, a new University of Illinois study shows.


Mining company to pay New Mexico $11 million for toxic Gold King spill

The state of New Mexico has reached an $11 million settlement with companies responsible for the disastrous Gold King Mine blowout near Silverton, Colo., that released tons of toxic metals and acidic waste into the Animas and San Juan rivers in 2015.


Ex-Michigan governor charged in lead-poisoning of Flint water

Michigan’s attorney general charged former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder on Wednesday with two counts of willful neglect of duty over the lead-poisoning of drinking water in Flint city - the first person to face criminal charges over the crisis.


Female veterans blame toxic base for reproductive issues: "I'm gonna die young"

Former Army intelligence analyst Elba Barr deployed across the Middle East and Africa after 9/11 to track Al-Qaeda there is no question in her mind the most toxic and dangerous place was Karshi-Khanabad, or K2, a former Soviet airbase in Uzbekistan, a jumping-off point for classified missions into Afghanistan.​


Are Candles Bad for You?

Candles are a surefire way to cozy up your evening, but are you breathing in toxins while you Netflix next to one for hours? Here's the scoop.


Johns Hopkins scientist develops method to find toxic chemicals in drinking water

Only 11 byproducts from water disinfection are currently regulated in drinking water, and environmental engineer Carsten Prasse says there's more that must be done


Climate Engineering News Q & A

In the attempt to answer as many questions as possible on the dire issue of climate engineering, Geoengineering Watch has decided to produce an online “Climate Engineering News Q and A”.


New Research: Nitrous Oxide Emissions 300 Times More Powerful than CO₂ Are Jeopardising Earth’s

Nitrous oxide from agriculture and other sources is accumulating in the atmosphere so quickly it puts Earth on track for a dangerous 3℃ warming this century, our new research has found.


Shedding Light on the Secret Reproductive Lives of Honey Bees

Honey bee health has been on the decline for two decades, with U.S. and Canadian beekeepers now losing about 25 to 40% of their colonies annually. And queen bees are failing faster than they have in the past in their ability to reproduce. The reason has been a mystery, but researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of British Columbia are finding answers.


Concept for a hybrid-electric plane may reduce aviation's air pollution problem

At cruising altitude, airplanes emit a steady stream of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, where the chemicals can linger to produce ozone and fine particulates. Nitrogen oxides, or NOx, are a major source of air pollution and have been associated with asthma, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disorders. Previous research has shown that the generation of these chemicals due to global aviation results in 16,000 premature deaths each year.

Results: 13340 Articles found.
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