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Snowdrops, bumble bees and butterflies are among 64 records of 'early spring activity' due to warmer weather

Spring has jumped the gun in many parts of the country, as flowers blossomed and bumblebees began buzzing months ahead of schedule. More than 64 records of early spring activity have been received by the Woodland Trust – the earliest in November. The Trust encourages members of the public to send sightings of early spring activity through its Nature’s Calendar scheme. Mild conditions have seen flowers blooming this month, with insects temporarily disturbed from hibernation over winter.


Australian Government Causing Death and Disability with Mandatory Vaccination Policies

Important information: 1) A US CDC government medical expert confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism (video 11 mins) by Sharyl Attkisson 2) Healthy Triplets All Autistic within Hours of Vaccination (video 12 mins) 3) A US CDC scientist confirms the causal link between vaccines and autism was suppressed by the CDC and US government in the study that was published in 2004.(video 2 min) 4) Mary Holland JD, a human rights campaigner exposes the true story behind the media smearing of Andrew Wakefield’s research showing a link between MMR vaccine and autism.


Is Earth on the verge of undergoing a magnetic pole shift? Scientists say SOON

This place we all call home, Earth, is currently in the throes of some serious magnetic turmoil. And scientists are now warning that we’re possibly in for a very rough ride in the months and years ahead, as our North and South Poles are actually moving from their formerly fixed points.


Evidence suggests glyphosate standards are failing to protect the public

Current standards for glyphosate use may not be effectively protecting the general public against the chemical’s adverse health effects, a team of health experts suggest.


NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering

In regard to difficult to accept and unpleasant truths, a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo images shown below were captured from NASA satellite sources, they are truly alarming.


Toward a Circular Economy: Tackling the Plastics Recycling Problem

Why has the world continued to increase consumption of plastic materials when at the same time, environmental and human health concerns over their use have grown? One answer is they are immensely useful to humankind, and despite problems they create, they have provided countless benefits.


Half of Michigan's Bumblebee Species in Decline, One Extinct

Honeybees get a lot of attention for their worrisome decline, but many species of bumblebees—which are key pollinators—are also in trouble. In Michigan, half of its bumblebee species have declined by 50 percent or more, Michigan Radio reported.


60% of Wild Coffee Species at Risk for Extinction

If humans don't wake up now to the threats posed by climate change and habitat loss, we may be in for a permanently sleepy future. A study led by scientists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew found that 60 percent of wild coffee species are at risk for extinction.


Has The Holy Grail of Radioprotective Foods Been Found?

Could the melanin found in our bodies and in foods like mushrooms help to mitigate the increasingly dire quantities of radiation we are exposed to daily?


Are You Surrounded and Stressed by Clutter?

When you look around your home, is your mind sidelined by stacks of papers, piles of toys, heaps of laundry and an array of random stuff cluttering up your countertops, desk, dressers and virtually any other flat surface?

Results: 4631 Articles found.
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