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Study Finds Public Health Threatened by State Laws that Preempt Local Government Authority to Restrict Pesticides Community-wide

A study, supported by the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, finds that state pesticide preemption laws “compromise public health and economic well-being” by preventing localities from enacting pesticide use restrictions on private property that are more restrictive than their state’s regulations.


Air pollution more deadly than smoking, new study finds

Air pollution causes more deaths than smoking and almost double the number of deaths researchers had previously thought, according to a new study published on Tuesday. Published in the European Heart Journal, the report found that 8.8 million people died because of air pollution in 2015, despite previous estimates projecting only 4.5 million deaths.


Fracking Sacred Ground

Daniel Tso said it has been like facing a tidal wave. “The tsunami of fracking has already come,” he commented at a Western Environmental Law Center (WELC) event.


Machine learning sheds light on the biology of toxin exposure

Exposure to potentially harmful chemicals is a reality of life. Our ancestors, faced with naturally occurring toxins, evolved mechanisms to detoxify and expel damaging substances.


Renewable energy won't make Bitcoin 'green,' but tweaking its mining mechanism might

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is known for its massive energy footprint. Now, researcher Alex de Vries, from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the Netherlands, suggests that renewable hydropower production cannot supply the large quantities of energy needed to power machinery used to validate Bitcoin transactions.


Immortality Herb Boosts Cellular Health, So You Feel Younger Longer

Many Japanese elders refer to the plant ashitaba as the immortality plant and believe it will keep you looking and feeling young. For ages, people in Japan have been using this plant as medicine to prevent illness.


Mediterranean diet linked to lower depression risk, according to study

There are various diets that can promote weight loss or prevent different diseases, but experts still consider the Mediterranean diet to be one of the healthiest.


Mayor de Blasio’s $10 BILLION plan to save Manhattan from rising sea levels

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has revealed a plan to protect Lower Manhattan from rising sea levels by surrounding it with earthen berms and extending its shoreline by as much as 500 feet.


Super bloom: can this tiny California town avoid another 'flowergeddon'?

Plentiful winter rain and precise conditions have led to a bonanza of spring wildflowers this season. And while that can be a great thing, it also raised fears that Borrego Springs could once again face what locals have dubbed “flowergeddon”, an apocalyptic situation caused by booming visitation.


Only 10 Vaquita Porpoises Remain in the World, Scientists Announce

Scientists announced Thursday that only 10 vaquita porpoises likely remain in the world and that the animal's extinction is virtually assured without bold and immediate action.

Results: 5228 Articles found.
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