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A Common Medication Has Been Linked to Double The Risk of Stomach Cancer

A class of drugs commonly used to treat acid reflux and heartburn has been linked to a greater-than-doubled risk of developing stomach cancer, a study has found.


Among Hurricane Harvey's many bad effects: riskier childbirth for women

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, people affected by the storm faced a host of physical and mental health problems, including skin infections, respiratory problems, and post traumatic stress disorder.​


Toxic PCBs linger in schools; EPA, lawmakers fail to act

At first, teachers at Sky Valley Education Center simply evacuated students and used fans to clear the air when the fluorescent lights caught fire or smoked with noxious fumes.


THC use during rat pregnancy found to result in harm to brain of male offspring

A large team of researchers from Italy, Hungary and the U.S. has found that administering THC to pregnant rats resulted in damage to the brains of male offspring. In their paper published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, the group describes their experiments with rats and THC and what they found.


Thousands of children are suffering burns from tea and coffee as health experts warn about the dangers of hot drinks

Thousands of children require hospital treatment for burns suffered from hot food and drinks, statistics show. NHS figures reveal 35,000 under-16s in England and Wales have needed specialist care for burns in the past five years.


PUSH BACK: 600,000 Mexicans erupt in massive public march to stop abortion genocide

According to reports, more than 600,000 Mexicans stormed Mexico City recently to protest their government’s embrace of abortion


Condensed tannins from the miracle tree found to have therapeutic effects against chronic diseases, including cancer

Interest in plant-derived compounds has not waned for the past several years but, instead, has grown enormously. Researchers continue to study plants and their chemical components due to their advantages over pharmaceutical drugs. Not only do phytochemicals show more effectiveness than modern medications, they also cause less toxicity to the body and produce very few side effects.


5G in Space: More 5G Satellites to be Launched by SpaceX. Federal Lawsuit against 5G

Demonstrations against 5G on Earth have been taking place in many parts of the world (see below for the most recent events). Alarmingly, 5G in Space is being ignored.


The Dangers of Transgenic Mosquitos: Scientific Study Under Attack

A recent journal article about GM mosquitoes has caused quite a stir. It showed that some of the male mosquitoes that Oxitec Ltd released experimentally in Brazil had successfully interbred with the local mosquito population, and that their hybrid offspring were now spreading and propagating beyond the release area.


Study linking fracking to Permian Basin earthquakes stirs public debate

A new study from the University of Texas at Austin blames hydraulic fracturing for causing some earthquakes in the Permian Basin of West Texas, dispelling the widely held view that oilfield wastewater disposals wells were solely responsible for the man-made tremors.

Results: 8014 Articles found.
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