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Over 200 UMass Memorial Health Employees Fired After Not Receiving COVID Vaccine

About 200 UMass Memorial Health employees are out of a job because they missed the health care system’s COVID vaccination deadline.


Scientists Mystified at How Sub-Saharan Africa Avoids COVID

Whether or not lockdowns, shutdowns and other restrictive measures can work to lower the number of COVID-19 infections and deaths has been a topic of great debate since early 2020. As health experts look at global statistics, they have been stymied by the low rate of infection and death across the sub-Saharan African continent,1 compared to industrialized nations that used various lockdown procedures to contain the spread.


Great Barrington Declaration Now Exceeds 870,000 Signatures

On October 4, 2020, three highly-respected medical professionals wrote The Great Barrington Declaration to protest damaging COVID-19 policies, including physical and mental health impacts. Today, just 14 months later, the Declaration has attracted 870,000 signatures, including almost 60,000 from medical scientists and practitioners.


Global Digital ID

There is zero medical justification for injecting children with mRNA or DNA shots. The real reason appears to build a registry of digital ids on the entire generation of children, in order to track further injections as well as all other facets of their lives as they grow up. This plan has been underway well before COVID hit in early 2020.


PCR Tests and the Rise of Disease Panic

Investigating the cause of a disease is like investigating the cause of a crime. Just as the detection of a suspect’s DNA at a crime scene doesn’t prove they committed the crime, so the detection of the DNA of a virus in a patient doesn’t prove it caused the disease.


Pro-mask pediatricians denied scrubbing flyer on babies’ need to see faces from website. Months later, it’s still not there

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) still has not restored to its website a document affirming the importance of babies seeing human faces and communicating with parents via their own facial expressions, despite claiming more than three months ago the removal was merely a temporary byproduct of web maintenance.


Your Face Is, or Will Be, Your Boarding Pass

If it’s been a year or more since you traveled, particularly internationally, you may notice something different at airports in the United States: More steps — from checking a bag to clearing customs — are being automated using biometrics.


"Potentially Hazardous" Eiffel Tower-Size Asteroid Passing Earth This Week

On Dec. 11 (this Saturday), a "potentially hazardous" asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower will enter Earth's orbital path, according to NASA.


Pennsylvania Supreme Court to Hear Arguments Dec. 7 in Smart Meter Mandate Case

On Dec. 7, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case urging the court to reject a smart meter mandate promoted by the state’s Public Utility Commission and PECO, a local utility company. The public can listen to the hearing live via YouTube.


Like Fukushima! Radioactive water from Pilgrim nuclear plant to be dumped into Cape Cod Bay

The company decommissioning Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station has told the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that it plans to start discharging radioactive water from the plant into Cape Cod Bay within the first three months of 2022.

Results: 16132 Articles found.
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