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Nothing To See Here: Remote Manipulation of Gene Expression Through Radio Waves, Wireless Control of Cell Function

A report from 2015 published in Nature details the use of nanoparticles and “…the development of a genetically encoded system for remote regulation of gene expression by low-frequency radio waves (RFs) or a magnetic field.” The report says: In mice with stem cell or viral expression of these genetically encoded components, remote stimulation of insulin transgene expression with RF or a magnet lowers blood glucose. A similar report from 2018 details “Wireless control of cellular function by activation of a novel protein responsive to electromagnetic fields.” Using a cloned gene from the glass catfish species, researchers “…identified an electromagnetic perceptive gene (EPG) from the K. bicirrhis encoding a protein that responds to EMF. This EPG gene was cloned and expressed in mammalian cells, neuronal cultures and in rat’s brain.”  Read more...



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