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Opioid Maker Sought to Addict and Treat Addiction With Their New Pills

The Sackler family are owners of the pharmaceutical company Purdue Pharma and have a combined fortune estimated at $13 billion. The family received nearly $4 billion in profits over the past decade from Purdue, in large part due to the burgeoning sales of OxyContin, an opioid developed in the early 1990s and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1995.  The opioid class of drugs also includes morphine and Fentanyl, as well as illicit drugs such as heroin. It's also been recently reported in the Financial Times11 that the Sackler family owns Rhodes Pharma, “one of the biggest producers of generic opioids, which never before has been linked to the family.”  Read more...



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