The Betty Torricelli Institute for Breast Care offers a full range of breast imaging services.

Screening Mammogram

This appointment is for patients who are NOT having any new problems, but need their yearly routine mammogram.  Current guidelines recommend annual routine screening begin at age 40.  Patients who are determined to be at high risk, might begin screening at an earlier age.  Patients receive the results of their screening mammogram by mail or by a telephone call. 

Diagnostic Mammogram with Same Day Results

This appointment is for a woman who has experienced new breast changes such as a lump, nipple changes, thickening, or has a finding on her screening mammogram. The diagnostic mammogram includes the routine views, as well as additional views, that provide more information regarding the area in question.  If needed, ultrasound and/or ultrasound guided biopsy usually can be performed the same day with a proper referral.  Your imaging results will be discussed with you before you leave.

Diagnostic Mammogram 

This appointment is for a woman who is not having any new problems, but requires a diagnostic mammogram, based on her personal history and/ or the radiologist's recommendation from previous imaging. The diagnostic mammogram includes the routine, as well as additional views that provide more information regarding the area in question.  The results will be communicated either by mail or by a telephone call from our nursing staff.


Ultrasound is most commonly used in conjunction with a mammography. Using high-frequency sound waves, an image is created, which helps the radiologist to determine if a biopsy is needed. 

The Comprehensive Consultation

Patients who have had their screening or diagnostic mammograms at another facility where an abnormality or question has been raised can seek a consultation or second opinion with our team of experts, which include radiologists, surgeons, and pathologists.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is a procedure in which radiowaves and powerful magnets are linked to a computer to create detailed images of breast tissue. No radiation is used to create a MRI image. MRI is a reliable method of imaging for silicone breast implants for rupture or leakage. In addition, breast MRI is sometimes performed to evaluate the breast, in which case a contrast injection is needed. 


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