Family-Centered Care (FCC) is a belief that the best way to meet the needs of those we care for is a partnership between families and their healthcare providers. We at Hackensack University Medical Center embrace a family-centered care philosophy. We believe this helps our patients and their families feel comfortable, cared for, and important as we deliver quality services.

Family-Centered Care offers the HackensackUMC staff the chance to perform at their highest level to improve our patients’ care. We value the important information families provide about their loved one.  We also value their participation in making healthcare decisions. When information is shared, it creates a supportive environment for everyone.  FCC helps us provide quality care that respects and values our patients’ family members or those who are closest to the patient.  It honors their strengths, cultures, traditions, and the knowledge they bring to this partnership.

Families are the center of most of our lives. They are concerned about our health and well-being.  FCC honors families and their importance.  At HackensackUMC, we believe FCC is the standard of practice that results in the highest quality of care and services.  The following are key principles to this partnership:

  • HackensackUMC staff work together with families in the best interest of their loved ones
  • Each person respects the skills and knowledge brought to these partnerships
  • Everyone understands that trust between partners is basic to FCC
  • Information is shared in a timely, open and fair-minded way
  • Everyone  makes decisions together
  • Everyone is willing to discuss all information openly

Our partnerships with families help us to provide the best care at the right time with the right HackensackUMC staff members. Our passion is to provide care with kindness so families feel good about the way they and their loved ones were treated. 

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