The observation unit, as part of the larger emergency services, affords you as a patient a place for further evaluation should that be necessary before a final determination is made about your care.

The observation unit staff is prepared to manage your healthcare needs while you are being evaluated over a 24 hour period.  This 19-bed unit is one level above the emergency department to facilitate communications amongst the providers and your family is also encouraged to participate in your plan of care.

Your disposition as an observation patient is usually completed within 24 hours. In most cases a decision will be made within 24 hours whether to admit a patient to inpatient status or discharge them home to follow up in their doctor’s office.

While in the observation unit your clinical team will work with you to determine your plan of care. The observation team consists of an attending physician and either a physicians assistant or a nurse practitioner, nurses, technicians and unit clerks. In addition our team works with other departments such as radiology, laboratory services, cardiology, neurology and physical therapy. Your individualized plan of care will determine what departments are involved. Patients in observation status enjoy many of the amenities offered to inpatients. These include placement in a hospital room, access to television, phone service and in room dining.

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