Ethics grand Rounds

Ethics Grand Rounds, which are open to the entire medical center, are conducted monthly as a forum for the discussion of ethical issues in healthcare that arise in the Medical Center or in the larger community.  Listed below are topics addressed at past rounds.

  • The Role of Ethics in Health Care
  • The Ethics of a Marketplace for Organs 
  • Autonomy Run Amok 
  • The Ethics of Palliation and Palliative Care                               
  • The Ethics of Organ Donation After Cardiac Death 
  • The Ethics of Medical Education 
  • The Ethics of Saying, “I’m Sorry”                                          
  • The Ethics of Using Placebos in the Routine Care and Treatment of Children 
  • The Ethics of Physician-Industry Interaction 
  • The Ethics of Health Care During Pandemics 
  • The Ethics of Futility: How Do We Define It? How Do We Identify It?
  • How Do We Address It? 
  • The Ethics of Decision Making About Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • The Ethics of Breaking Bad News
  • The Ethics of IVF-Induced High-Order Multiple Pregnancies 
  • The Ethics of HIV Testing 
  • The Ethics of Conscientious Objection in Healthcare 
  • The Ethics of Resource Allocation During Pandemics 
  • The Ethics of Pain Management 
  • Ethical Choices in a New Orleans Hospital: What Would You Have Done? 
  • The Ethics of Post-Mortem Sperm Retrieval 
  • Why Do Patients Need Professional Advocates? 
  • The Ethics of Decisional Capacity 
  • The Ethics of Religion-Based Refusal of Medical Treatment 
  • The Ethics of Vegetative States and Other Disorders of Consciousness 
  • The Ethics of Pharmaceutical Detailing 
  • Patient Satisfaction and Patient Care: Are These Goals Ever in Tension? 
  • Growth-Attenuation Therapy: The Ashley Treatment 
  • The Ethics of Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials                                            
  •  A Right to Die: The Dax Cowart Case 
  • Is This Treatment Justified? Resource Allocation in the Trauma Setting 
  • The Ethics of the Electronic Medical Record 
  • The Ethics of Assigning Kidneys 
  • If We Know Medical Futility When We See It, What Do We Do About It? 
  • Should Women Be Doctors?                                            
  • The Ethics of State Intervention When Children Are Morbidly Obese 
  • The Ethics of Children As Organ Donors and Survivor Siblings
  • Disney in the Nursery: The Ethics of Commercialization in the Clinical Setting

As an additional resource, the Bioethics Library Link provides medical center staff with online access to a selection of articles related to each month’s grand rounds topic.  These articles are available for download and remain posted for six months.

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