Services Provided by Department Of Diagnostic Medical Physics and Radiation Safety

HackensackUMC Diagnostic Medical Physics and Radiation Safetyis primarily a technical and clinical group which ensure radiation safety and regulatory compliance with Nuclear Regulatory Commission, State Bureau of X-ray Compliance, State Division of Radioactive Materials, and JCAHO.

Testing of diagnostic radiology equipment. This includes required testing of the following equipment: general radiographic, general fluoroscopic, computed tomography, mobile radiographic, mobile fluoroscopic, dental, cabinet, cardiac catheterization, mammography, mammography stereotactic, digital radiography, radiation therapy simulator, nuclear medicine gamma camera, nuclear medicine dose calibrator, nuclear medicine xenoguard air trapping system, and nuclear medicine xenoguard air monitor.

  • Calculate doses and exposures from various diagnostic radiology and nuclear medicine procedures.
  • Responsible for radioactive material licensing.
  • Calculate room shielding requirements for various imaging systems.
  • Calculate the radiation dose to a fetus as a result of an exposure to ionizing radiation.
  • Development and implementation of radiation safety procedures.
  • Monitor the storage and disposal of radioactive waste.
  • Make certain that the dose to individual members of the public does not exceed safe regulatory limits.
  • Ensure security of radioactive material.
  • Guarantee that radiation exposures are kept as low as reasonably achievable.
  • Oversee all activities involving radioactive material, including monitoring and surveys of all areas in which radioactive material is used.
  • Determine the need for personnel monitoring, distribute and collect personnel radiation monitoring devices, evaluate bioassays, monitor personnel radiation exposure and bioassay records for trends and high exposures, notify individuals and their supervisors of radiation exposures approaching the limits, and recommend appropriate remedial action.
  • Conduct training programs and otherwise instruct personnel in the proper procedures for handling radioactive material prior to use, at periodic intervals (refresher training), and as required by changes in procedures, equipment, regulations, etc.
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