Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions


How does the in-patient meal system work?

When you are admitted to your room, your menu will be waiting for you. You can order meals at any time between 6:30AM and 7:30PM over the phone, by calling extension 6325 (MEAL). Meals are guaranteed to be delivered to your room within 60 minutes of your call. After you’ve eaten, servers will come to collect your tray.


What if my loved one is incapable of calling in his/her order?

Relatives can place food orders for patients who are incapable of communicating their food requests. When relatives are not available, they can rest assured that their loved ones will still receive three well-balanced meals a day and whatever assistance they need from caring nurses and nutrition assistants. If requested, a nutrition assistant will go to the bedside to obtain meal orders.


What if I forget to alert the order taker about foods I should avoid?

Hackensack University Medical Center employs state-of-the-art software to track each patient’s dietary requirements and restrictions ordered by their physicians. The nutrition assistants have access to food guidelines tailored to your individual needs to help you make educated decisions about your food and portion choices.

How do I get more information on my special, restricted diet?

Tell your professional registered nurse that you would like to speak with a registered dietitian regarding  your diet, or call extension 6325 and tell the nutrition assistant answering the phone. A professional registered dietitian will see you before the end of the next day.



Is there a number I can call for nutrition counseling?

For general outpatient nutrition counseling, you may call the Dave Winfield Nutrition Center at 551-996-3231.

For information about adult and pediatric diabetes, call the MOLLY Diabetes Education/Management Center at 201-968-0585.

For outpatient oncology nutritional counseling, please call the John Theurer Cancer Center at 551-996-5900.

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