Social Service Department

The role of the social worker on the in-patient units is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the patients' psychosocial needs as well as those that are at high risk for services after discharge from the Medical Center. The social worker engages the patients and their families by anticipating their concerns re: illness, hospitalization, finances, insurances, and provides education concerning home/community services upon discharge.  The social worker coordinates all aspects of patients' continuum of care by working in close consultation and collaboration with the physician, family, patient, interdisciplinary team and the community.  Social Workers are involved with all service lines from pediatrics to geriatrics. They assist the Palliative Care and Hospice teams. Social Services emphasizes and recognizes the individual's strength and ability to participate with their treatment and their own autonomy in making discharge planning decisions.  They assist and counsel the patients and families in coping with their immediate problems such as understanding and utilizing available resources and enabling environmental change for maximum recovery.  The social worker provides assistance in helping patients and their families with their personal relationships as part of the patient care team. They help them explore inhibiting factors preventing rehabilitation or recovery and the effect of the illness on the lifestyle from a health- oriented perceptive.



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