Children admitted to the hospital are often cared for directly by their Pediatrician. However, in some instances children may be cared for not by your pediatrician but by an individual who specializes in caring for hospitalized patients. These individuals, often called Hospitalists, have chosen to focus their work on children who are admitted to the hospital for diseases like pneumonia or asthma. They are fully trained pediatricians, board-eligible or board-certified physicians, whose sole focus is in caring for children in the hospital. They work closely with other specialists such as surgeons to ensure coordination of care as well as keeping your pediatrician up-to-date on your child’s progress.

As in all other inpatient units, our hospitalists work closely with you the parent to ensure that you know the plan of care established for your child. As we are a teaching institution working to train the next generation of physicians and nurses, the Hospitalists provide supervision of the residents (doctors in training to be pediatricians) and students who may be participating in the care of your child.



Section Chief
Stephen Percy, M.D.

Steven Eagle, M.D.
Karen Bye, M.D.
Fred Hirschenfang, M.D.
Iwuozo Obilo, M.D.

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