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A University-based Cancer and Blood Disorders Program
As a major teaching and research affiliate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Medical School, physicians, nurses, and staff at the Institute for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders work hand in hand with researchers, physicians, and academic leaders whose expertise spans all areas of medicine. 
At the Forefront of Medical Breakthroughs
The Institute for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders is a national leader in clinical research into childhood cancer and blood disorders.   The Comprehensive Diagnostic and Treatment Center for Pediatric Oncology at the Institute for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders has been at the forefront of the fight against childhood cancer. 
Treatment is available for all pediatric cancers, including leukemias, lymphomas (Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s), brain tumors, and solid tumors such as neuroblastoma, Wilms tumor, bone tumors, and soft tissue sarcoma. 
In addition, our participation in the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), the foremost national research group dedicated to developing new treatment for children with cancer, further enables us to offer cutting-edge treatment to our patients. 
State-of-the-art diagnosis and treatment are available for children with serious blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, and hemophilia through our Comprehensive Pediatric Hematology Program. A Comprehensive Sickle Cell Treatment Center is located at the Institute for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders. Our program for patients with bone marrow failure states, such as Fanconi anemia and aplastic anemia, attracts patients from across the United States and beyond for innovative treatment and comprehensive care. 
Clinical Trials for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders
The physicians and nurses at the Institute for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders are leading participants in clinical trials and research efforts of the Children's Oncology Group (COG). Treatment protocols coordinated by the COG are available for most children with cancer treated at the Tomorrows Children’s Institute. Participation in these protocols enables our patients to receive cutting-edge oncology treatment. 
Click here for a list of COG protocols currently available at the Institute for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders. 
For more information about a particular protocol, please call 551.996.5437.
David Joseph Jurist Research Center for Tomorrows Children
The David Joseph Jurist Research Center for Tomorrows Children, a premier research facility for groundbreaking scientific discovery, elevates the medical center’s stature from a high-quality healthcare institution to a world-class facility. Rising five stories high, the center encompasses 55,000 square feet of space, including secure underground parking.
Highlights include David and Alice Jurist Institute for Research’s Clinical Research Center, laboratories for basic clinical research, DNA sequencing, and other modern high-tech equipment and instrumentation, specialized facilities for radioisotope use and infectious containment; a library, administrative offices and a lecture hall equipped with audio-visual technology and a telecommunications system so that researchers can participate in multi-site continuing education programs with their peers from around the world.
The center was named for Mr. Jurist because of his commitment to children with cancer. His daughter, Eileen Jurist, one of seven children, was treated for Hodgkin’s disease. Mr. Jurist, co-president of the Tomorrows Children’s Fund, and his wife, Alice, are both active participants in all of the fund’s initiatives.
David and Alice Jurist Institute for Research 
In 1997, HackensackUMC heightened its decades-long commitment to clinical-based research and established the David and Alice Jurist Institute for Research, through which physicians can increase their involvement in high-caliber research. That same year the David and Alice Jurist Institute for Research formed the Clinical Research Center, a resource for investigators from around the world who want to conduct research here. To facilitate the ever increasing number of research protocols that were initiated, the medical center built a comprehensive research center, called the David Joseph Jurist Research Center for Tomorrows Children. 
Housed in the center, the David and Alice Jurist Institute for Research conducts research in every medical field, with emphasis on pediatric and adult cancer, cardiology, allergy and immunology, infectious diseases, pediatric illnesses, orthopedics, urology, surgery, pulmonary medicine, neurology, and neurosurgery.
Virtually all physicians and scientists at the medical center are engaged in clinical research, united toward a common goal – to prevent illness and cure disease. This pursuit of research gives our medical staff extraordinary ability to explore new and better approaches to medicine – to uncover and deliver novel treatment breakthroughs. Patients at the medical center, therefore, have direct access to the latest, most promising treatments and comprehensive medical and support services.
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