Survivorship Program - Cure & Beyond

For Childhood Cancer Survivors 

The Cure and Beyond program offers a comprehensive array of support services for survivors of childhood cancer, who completed their therapy two or more years ago.
The goals of the program are:
  • To educate the survivor about his/her previous diagnosis and therapy by preparing a written summary with recommendations about follow up (based on the current literature). 
  • To teach and encourage a healthy lifestyle and health maintenance.  
  • To assist the survivor in obtaining adult medical services, when appropriate, and to communicate specific follow up needs. 
  • To observe and carefully document the late effects the survivor may experience so that future survivors may benefit from this information.
The program offered to survivors consists of: 
  • A telephone interview prior to the visit to discuss the concerns the survivor or family may have. 
  • A treatment summary prepared prior to the visit, and given to the survivor at the visit. 
  • A history and physical exam.  
  • The opportunity to meet with a social worker, school abilities specialist, child psychologist, and/ or child life specialist depending on the survivor's needs and requests.  
  • At the conclusion of the visit, a roundtable discussion of the summary, potential (if any) late effects of therapy and follow up recommendations. 
  • Discussion time to address any questions, concerns or issues the survivor, family and/or significant others may have.
As needed, we have the services of child life specialists and creative arts therapists at the Institue for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders..
Cure & Beyond offers a monthly activities group for young adult survivors interested in socializing with other survivors. In addition, several members of the CAB team serve on the Pediatric Committee of the New Jersey Office of Cancer Control and Prevention (NJOCCP). The CAB team collaborates with the NJOCCP and other organizations to provide educational conferences for professionals, survivors, and their families about the medical and psychosocial late effects of childhood cancer treatment.
To learn more, please call 551.996.5437.
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