Primary Care Providers & Specialists

Primary care physicians (PCPs) are your first line of defense in living a healthy, well-balanced life. Choosing a PCP and forming a physician-patient relationship is an invaluable asset to your health and wellness.

This relationship allows PCPs to get to know you and understand what is normal for your health and life-style. Often times primary care physicians are the first to notice when your health changes and you need additional care.

In the Hackensack Alliance ACO patient centered care model, the primary care physician acts on behalf of the Medicare Fee-for-Service patient to collaborate with other providers, specialists, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, and provide long-term management of chronic conditions.

 PCPs are highly trained to care for and treat a wide range of medical conditions and illnesses. Primary care physicians can treat and manage a variety of health conditions, including obesity and behavioral and psychological problems. Furthermore, they can provide counseling, education of safe health behaviors and practices, self-care skills, treatment options, screening tests and immunizations.

When necessary, your ACO physician will refer you to specialists to care for your specific condition.  Specialists in the ACO are committed to coordinating their care with your PCP.  Medicare Fee-for-Service ACO patients can also refer themselves to any other provider that they want.  Please let your PCP know about all other physicians and care providers that you are seeing.  

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