The Center for Allergy, Asthma & Immune Disorders has conducted numerous research studies in collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies and other institutions. Research helps us discover new information about drugs and treatments of many diseases. Research aids the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to obtain approval for new drugs or devices. Our staff is committed to provide quality service while advancing technology.

A clinical trial will monitor the effectiveness of a new medication in people with specific medical conditions, like asthma. A clinical trial may show that the investigational treatment is better than, as good as, or no better than the standard treatment for the same condition. We are staffed by board-certified physicians who are experienced research investigators, complemented by a dedicated research nurse coordinator and support staff.

Choosing to volunteer for a research study is an important personal decision. Participation in a clinical trial is a partnership and a commitment between the research team and volunteer patients. It is a test in a series of many carefully controlled scientific studies that are done to improve the quality of life of people with medical conditions such as yours.

We invite you to learn more about how you can be a participant. Make sure to sign our “Research Consent” when you visit our office. Please call 551-996-5458 to find out more information about our current studies.

Click here to view our research consent.

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