Medical DirectorJohn Villa, D.O.

Clinical Director: Susan Zafarlotfi, Ph.D.

Project Coordinator Clinical Trials: Mohammed Quadri, RPSGT

Chief Polysomnographic Technologist: Lauren Dempsey RPSGT

Sleep Consultants:

Fariborz Ashtyani, M.D.
Hormoz Ashtyani, M.D.
Weekon Choi, M.D.
Georges Ghacibeh, M.D.
Deborah Goss, M.D.
Robert Lee, M.D.  
George Lin, M.D.
Renuka Mapitigama, M.D.
Pakkay Ngai, M.D.
Vagram Ovnanian, M.D.
Leon Ting, M.D.


ISWD is a center of higher learning in the science of sleep medicine. We are an accredited center and specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders.

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