Case Managers
A case manager is a nurse or social worker at HackensackUMC who will assist you in preparing for your discharge needs. They will assist you with your transition to home or a rehabilitation center upon discharge.

Compression Device (Thromboguard™)
These are inflatable plastic sleeves that are wrapped around your leg and may be used to improve blood flow in your legs.

Continual Passive Motion (CPM) Machine
This machine, if ordered by your doctor, may be available for use to exercise your knee.

Epidural Catheter
A catheter placed in your lower back by your anesthesiologist to assist in pain management.

Femoral Catheter
A catheter placed next to the femoral nerve in the groin at the top of your leg by your anesthesiologist to assist in pain management.

Foley Catheter
This tube is used to eliminate urine from the bladder. It is used both during surgery and for a short time after surgery.

Hemovac Drain
This drain collects blood and body fluid and is placed near your operative site.

Incentive Spirometer
This breathing exercise device is designed to help you improve your ability to expand your lungs after surgery.

Intravenous (IV) Catheter
This catheter allows for fluids and medications to be delivered through your bloodstream.

Occupational Therapy (OT)
The occupational therapy staff will assist you in regaining independence with your activities of daily living (ADLs). Activities of daily living include: dressing, bathing, homemaking tasks and training in the use of durable medical equipment.

Physical Therapy (PT)
The physical therapy staff will assist you in regaining mobility and function following your surgery.

Pulse Oximeter
This clip is attached to one of your fingers to monitor the level of oxygen in your blood.

Temporary Knee Splint
This is a lightweight splint that may be used to protect the knee.


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