The Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery helps the patient each step along the way.  Personalized case management means the CBMS staff will guide you through a full continuum of bloodless care throughout your entire treatment, including:

  • pre-admission
  • during your hospital stay
  • following discharge

Pre-Admission Activities:

  • assist you with your medical directive, which is written documentation of your refusal for blood transfusions
  • meet with you prior to your admission to assist in the selection of the appropriate physician(s) and make referrals to specialists, if needed
  • consult with your physician(s) prior to admission if indicated to assure the full integration of bloodless medicine techniques and strategiesinto your treatment plan, and
  • assure that you are properly identified on hospital records as a bloodless medicine patient.

Activities During Your Hospital Stay:

  • in addition to proper identification on all hospital records, arrange for highly visible methods for patient identification as a bloodless medicine patient
  • visit you each regular business day and at other times as necessary, to monitor your care and follow your blood count and other laboratory test results, and
  • facilitate the needs of the physicians on your case.

Activities Upon Discharge:

  • conduct discharge planning to assure that your needs are met once you return home and that strategies to rebuild your red blood cell count are part of your follow-up care.

A CBMS registered nurse is available around the clock, seven days a week to assist you in matters relating to your transfusion-free care. The office number is 551-996-2963. The 24-hour pager number is 201-495-5818.

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